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  1. Have you done your research on that? Because we have documentation to support it was well within their control. They knew about both the inspection and also the bridge issue long before it was announced. And long before final payment. We were great PR for both Honolulu and also Vancouver. They got Free Press all over the new stations for being the largest ship in both Honolulu and Vancouver. Do you think that was by accident?We were great PR for both Honolulu and also Vancouver. They got Free Press all over the new stations for being the largest ship in both Honolulu and Vancouver. Do you think that was by accident?
  2. Were are you actually on this cruise? The fault for the Coast Guard inspection 100% falls to Royal Caribbean. It was sold as a Hawaiian cruise. RCCL sold the cruise Knowing that it required this inspection. We have received confirmation from the company supporting this. They didn’t build the inspection into the original itinerary because it would’ve been a hard sell. So they toldno one until after final payment. Held everyone to the final payment without any changes or cancellations once the itinerary was significantly altered. Then about a week prior to the cruise they told everyone that we were losing many hours in Victoria because there was only a 30 minute window that the ship could go underneath the bridge into Vancouver. So once again we lost yet another sea day- Because of something Royal Caribbean should’ve known about. Now they claim they didn’t realize it. But guess what we found out. They most certainly knew about it because they specifically went to Vancouver to break the record of the Norwegian Cruise line ship last year that went under this bridge and held the current record. So once again they waited until the absolute last minute to let everyone know that we were losing significant time in Victoria. Why did that matter? Well because nothing opened in the town of Victoria until 11 and the ship left at one. When it was supposed to leave at like 8 o’clock at night. So the ship basically was making it seem like “oh will we make it under this bridge blah blah” when they contacted all of this media to show up to make it a big PR event. So I ask you- Why should it be on my dime that they get a full ship of passengers paying gratuities for a PR event and also a mandatory three day inspection. The best way I can describe this cruise is that it was sold as a black tie event and when you showed up it was a backyard barbecue. Every person can obviously make their own educated guess based on multiple examples with in just the last few months of Royal Caribbean making business decisions that affect the passengers bottom line. This was not a good cruise. You will find people who will say it was great. Because they had nothing to compare it to or their expectations or just really low. When you have 280 nights on the same cruise line you know what to expect, what is a good value and when you’re getting screwed
  3. I am right there with you. But, I have done 280 nights with them so I feel confident about knowing what to expect/what I paid for and whats acceptable.. I have no faith in them anymore. Just research Ovation/Navigator and you will see over the last few months this is a pattern. I can not trust them to meet the product I purchased after wasting
  4. As a D+ member with over 280 nights. Let me tell you what we just learned having just come off of our 5/2 Ovation of the Seas Hawaiian Drive-by cruise. I have spent a lot of time investigating other similar cancelations/changes that have impacted RCCL cruises just within the past few months. These are not weather or things beyond RCCL control. These are specifically business decisions or preventable errors impacting the cruise made by Royal. Thats what happened on our Ovation cruise. As always do your own investigations and decide for yourself. I find that someone who has sailed a lot learns whats the norm, whats beyond control and what is just a bad business plan. As I told RCCL. It is like buying a ticket to a high end Top tier black tie event and arriving in your formal tux to learn that for almost the same price you are now getting a backyard barbecue with the tagline "deal with it and too bad so sad." It always take something to make you take pause. We are now paused and realized that there are just no do-overs here. We spent a lot of money, used vacation time we can not get back. And we received nowhere near the quality and experience we expected or purchased. In my 280 nights I would have never ever assume that RCCL would become this. We have been loyal to them for many years. Don't assume that within those 280 nights that there were not issues that impacted our cruise. There were plenty. But, never ever did I blame putting profit before meeting the expectations of what was offered and what was purchased. Til now....
  5. Does anyone know who is CD will be on the Ovation on 5/2/19? I am confused by what is listed. Thanks.
  6. Can Anyone who has sailed Symphony specifically in a Central Park balcony advise the guidelines for the complimentary lunch that comes with the room? Is it only Jamie Olivers and are u restricted to a specific lunch menu? Is it only on port days? Can you use for hooked or chops lunch? Thanks in advance.
  7. We cruised Allure in Oct. We did not purchase the BOGO package as we planned on using our D+ perk. If you do not book in advance RCCL now charging grat's on top of the fee. So it was actually more for us than had we done BOGO. However, I heard from many people who booked the BOGO they were limited to the Brazilian or Giovannis for the BOGO. You could no longer book Chops or 150. Anyone recently sail Symphony specifically and did you do the BOGO. What restaurants were you able to dine at with the pre-paid BOGO. I assume they did not charge gratuity on top of that pre-booked BOGO. Can someone advise. Thanks.
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