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  1. OK, after all the advice I got on choosing a beverage package as a Free at Sea offer. Myself and my travel agent along with a rep from NCL chose the Premium Beverage Package. I paid the tips which came to $514 for two of us. Now on my summary it shows we have the "Adult Beverage Package". Can't find this listed anywhere on NCL's site. What is it. What does it include? Am I being given the old bait and switch? Tired of all this name changing, game playing, runaround. I just want a cold beverage when I want one. No questions.
  2. OK this is getting out of hand. I too never meant to correct. I just listed the beverage packages available on the cruise. I appreciate all the input on what to choose for free at sea. I am happy with my choices and grateful I saw the two day promo that got us what we wanted for a reasonable price. Lets go cruising.
  3. Actually they have, in order of upfront costs. 1. Corks & Caps Beer and Wine Package 2. Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as Ultimate Beverage Package) 3. Premium Plus Beverage Package The current free at sea offers number 2 as a choice. I read the list of bevarages available on number 2 and I shall be able to find plenty to drink. Lets not all be so quick to correct. Sometimes I know of what I speak.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. Even those that were a little snarky. We solved the issue. NCL came out with two day sale. Those with a balcony class cabin. Which we have could get all five free at sea deals. We kept the unlimited wifi. As the one on free at sea was limited to 250 min. Got the $50 shore excursion credit. The Premium drink package included required you to pay taxes. Came to $317 pp. No brainer. Picked that up and for the much smaller fee we will be boozing it up. And it is the premium package which will allow me to explore all sorts of options at Maltings. Already had five night specialty restaurants and added five more. So we are covered and looking forward to the cruise. We are in an accessible aft facing cabin. Since these are very limited feel lucky to snag that. Will be having cocktails on the stern watching whales and sunsets. Now where's that meet and greet. Scott and Marcia
  5. We took the 5 night specialty dining and free WiFi as our Free at Sea promo.
  6. We are on a 16 day canal cruise. The premium beverage package runs 1900.00 per. We will have seven days at sea, where we will drink more than excursion days. Plus the day long transit of the canal. Not to mention a day at their private island. Excursion days we will have a couple cocktails before dinner, bottle of wine with. And after dinner with shows more alcohol. I imagine most that drink booze on a cruise know how expensive it is. But I am having trouble with adding nearly 4000.00 for the privilege of not worrying what your final bill will be. So to help me out, does any recent NCL guest remember costs of individual drinks. I hate to nickel and dime my bucket list cruise so help me justify the upfront costs of the premium beverage package
  7. Thanks. We are Florida residents so will be renting a car one way for the drive down and turning it in on the 13th. Uber to the port. So parking is not an issue. Will check out the hotels you mentioned. I did make a reservation with 24hr cancelation policy just to get something confirmed.
  8. Leaving on a canal cruise Feb 14, 2020. We are going to drive down and spend the night before in Miami. Preferably close to the cruise terminals. Any suggestions for a decent hotel under $300.
  9. Would it be a good idea to just get off the ship in Mazatlán and walk the city. Are there places close? Or would we need to take a taxi to some starting point. I know we want to go to the city market and find a local place to bravely challenge out stomachs. Go!
  10. Of the three ports in Mexico we will visit: Mazatlán Cabo Puerto Vallarta Which would be a good town for just walking off the ship and exploring the local area. Would be looking for some souvenirs and maybe chance a meal in a local restaurant.
  11. Before go all crazy trying to run to the front of the line. Someone mentioned a price increase. What has the increase taken them to?
  12. How early would those in the know arrive at the terminal to be almost assured being able to score 15 days worth of Vibe passes?
  13. How far in advance can you book specialty dining restaurants?
  14. We spoke with Verizon, our carrier. We normally carry a 2GB plan. Don't need any more. On a twenty nine day roadtrip we recently bumped it up to 8GB. Lots of pics flying back and forth. Verizon says for the period of the cruise we can go unlimited data. Back to 2GB on our return. At the same time NCL had sale on their unlimited plan. So with those we should be able to post, email, make jealous all the folks at home. I just don't want to spend my cruise worried about data. Besides each carrier has their own contract with the different countries. And there is no way I'm going to try and decipher those. I'll be with YankeesFan4Life at Maltings. Maybe I can convert him to the Braves.
  15. Can you use the ships Wifi to text using your cell phone?
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