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  1. Before the position of ED (entertainment director) was created, the cruise director was mostly seen as the MC at the end of a show in the Princess theater. Maybe a few other places. With an ED, the cruise director is out and about much more often and more involved with the passengers at the shows and games. Maybe some people who don't cruise often are thinking of the previous way when there was no ED and the CD was busy being the scenes.
  2. Sounded to me that the position of CD changed since the pandemic started. Matt was a CD for, I think, just over two years. That means he had several contracts and apparently succeeded at his job. Then pandemic hits. Home for more than a year. Plenty of time for someone at Princess HQ to decide some changes in the CD position. Matt got onboard and found out those changes do not suit him at all. Anyways, that is the way it seemed to me. It is too bad. He was great.
  3. We are disappointed also. It was our most valuable perk.
  4. All of the embarkation ports you drop off your luggage first THEN you get in line etc to check in. Therefore, drop your luggage off early and go where you want. Just make sure you are back in time to check in.
  5. I am salivating just looking at the delicious Chocolate Journeys dessert. That and the pistachio dome are my favorites! We have done the Princess British Isles cruise. Didn't know the English Channel and Irish Sea can be treacherous. We did not have any rough seas. Went in May (2015).
  6. I think everyone was being tested because Sint Martin required it before they could disembark the ship there.
  7. Earlier today I was going for my morning walk and it suddenly popped into my head that I forgot to say Johnson & Johnson. Strange the way things just pop into our heads! I should have remembered because dd got the J&J.
  8. If they are US citizens then it would be Moderna or Pfizer. We don't have AZ here.
  9. Sounds like spam to me. I would throw it out and hope you didn't give them any personal details when you called.
  10. I think it is called Ye Olde Pub Night. We have seen it several times but it has been on longer cruises and not 7 day ones.
  11. I would call and ask for customer relations. I don't know if they are open today but even if they are I would wait until Monday.
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