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  1. Thanks for the alert but that doesn't answer my question.
  2. As the title says... anyone take a cruise on a new ship just after they did the ceremonies for the ship naming? Did they invite the passengers to attend or can one just show up? What time of day do they do it? Was it worth seeing? We are scheduled to be on the Enchanted for its maiden voyage from Southampton. There is one cruise before ours, the inaugural cruise which takes it from Italy to Southampton. There it will sit for three days until our cruise. I assume they will do the naming then but not sure why it sits for three days. Thanks.
  3. You just didn't find the right agent. My agent discounts Princess prices AND responds to my emails over the week end. I would never expect a response during the night. I don't even think Princess is open that late!
  4. Just make sure the TA doesn't charge any fees for changes. Some actually do this.
  5. Our Alaska cruise this July on the Royal Princess had the same amount of Karaoke sessions as you. Didn't go to the family one but the other two were poorly attended.... just like most of our cruises. Our cruise didn't even have Voice of the Ocean because the first time they had the tryouts only 3 people showed up. I know you enjoy karaoke, as does my dh, but it seems to me that most people do not.
  6. Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions! We did go to the Jewish Museum and synagogue. Unfortunately we missed the ghetto tour. We walked around where all the restaurants are and then ate at a place in the back of a building facing a parking lot. Our tour guide at the Forum told us it was a great little place where locals go to eat.
  7. cruisemom42 - Thanks. We went to Rome for two days two years ago and saw all the highlights. We stayed at the Hotel Lancelot near the Colosseum. It was highly rated. We liked it but it's location is not central. That trip was mid May when it wasn't too hot. This time will be next July so heat will be an issue with all the walking. I have made reservations so far at the Hotel Lancelot and also Relais Trevi 95 hotel. I have a little time to decide. Not sure what we plan on doing. We get off the ship and have to make our way to Rome so have that afternoon and the whole next day before we go home.
  8. Beautiful pictures. I'm hitching a ride with you on this live from 😉
  9. Thank you. I will check it out. Do you know anything about Relais Trevi 95 boutique hotel? I found it on Trivago with high reviews. It is right by Trevi Fountain. It was slightly less expensive than Albergo Santa chiara.
  10. Go to the ports of call board where you will find info. This will probably get moved there by the moderators.
  11. Thanks. I’ll check it out.
  12. Made mistake... willing to pay up to $250/night.
  13. Why was it the most disappointing? What was better about the other's on HAL that you experienced?
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