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  1. dickinson

    More read this section so I am wondering

    I do not know her but do remember her reviews. She has posted on a Princess roll call I have been following.
  2. dickinson

    Your favorite food On Princess

    I have had the prime rib at Golden Corral. Sadly... not much better.
  3. Enjoy your cruise. I’ll be following along vicariously!
  4. dickinson

    Not Live from the Golden Princess - LA to Sydney

    Glad you had a wonderful cruise and will be looking forward to reading your impressions.
  5. dickinson

    Cruisetour vs Connoisseur Tour

    I have not done either but if you do the Denali Explorer cruise tour you can upgrade to the longer tour into Denali that is included in the Connoisseur tour. All you have to do is ask your TA or Princess (if you booked with them).
  6. dickinson

    Editing your signature

    Thank you! I'll try it.
  7. dickinson

    Editing your signature

    How did you get to single space? I think I have a combination of both but can't figure things out.
  8. dickinson

    Cruise Director Natalie Costa

    I sailed with a Natalie on the Royal Princess last New Years. She was very nice, friendly, and as the previous poster said engaging. Glad she got her promotion!
  9. dickinson


    Test Test Test
  10. dickinson

    Not Live from the Golden Princess - LA to Sydney

    The line crossing ceremony is when you cross over the equator to the southern hemisphere. If you have never done it before you are a pollywog. Once you have done it you are a shellback. They ask for volunteers and there is a big ceremony on the Lido deck by the pool. They throw food at you and afterwards you jump into the pool. When all is done the pool is drained and cleaned. Everyone onboard gets a certificate. You can google to see more info. We watched this ceremony a couple of years ago when we did the 28 day r/t from LA to the South Pacific.
  11. dickinson

    Not Live from the Golden Princess - LA to Sydney

    Thanks for that link! It is so sad. We spent our honeymoon on Hawaii (mostly Waikiki) but then took a 4 day tour of the other islands... you know, if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium ;) I have a picture of me standing in front of a big seashell sink. I remember eating dinner at the hotel where we had a window seat and seeing the tiki lighting ceremony. Later, hearing that is where Blue Hawaii was filmed I of course had to watch it. It is one of my favorite Elvis movies. In 2016 on a cruise we rented a car and drove to the north shore. On the way back I noticed a run down building looking like a hotel. We quickly turned into the side street and parked. There was a little parking lot next to the hotel and another couple was standing there. I believe that they too once stayed there. They confirmed to us it was the Coco Palms. When I had planned to be on this cruise I had hoped to rent a car and see the progress of the rebuilding. So sad that there is no progress.
  12. dickinson

    Not Live from the Golden Princess - LA to Sydney

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great cruise. We stayed at the Coco Palms for one night 45 years ago. We saw it two years ago although just the hurricane torn building. I thought I heard it was going to be rebuilt. Is that not the case? I still remember eating dinner and seeing the “show” out the window. I enjoy seeing it when watching Elvis in Blue Hawaii.
  13. dickinson

    28 day cruise to Hawaii & Tahiti

    I don't think it is used after 11 pm so you should be ok.
  14. dickinson

    Anyone cruise with Mal de Debarquement?

    You are right that something else could be involved. If one finds the right doctor (many have not heard of MdDS) they will usually order an ENG/VNG to test the vestibular system and also an MRI. MdDS is diagnosed when there is no other explanation and one has recently been on a cruise or flight (although some people get it after other passive motion or just suddenly). It is also if it has been persistent for at least a month.
  15. dickinson

    Anyone cruise with Mal de Debarquement?

    It is now over 10 months of having it for me. I am mild compared to others as all I have is the bobbing feeling at a 2-3 on a 10 point scale. Have you joined the MdDS forum that is on Facebook? That is where there are a lot of people who have this post and can answer questions for you. They are a good group of people of all ages with some people from other parts of the globe. BTW you CAN go on another flight. People do it all the time. I flew to San Diego from the east coast and was fine. Other people can do it only if they take medications. Some even cruise again although many say not to do so. Check out mddsfoundation.org for lots of info. Good luck and I hope you go into remission soon.