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  1. We stayed in the Coco Palms on our honeymoon back in the 70's. I love seeing it in Blue Hawaii. As for Bali Hai, that is a mountain on Bora Bora. Don't know where they filmed the land portion but the mountain they all look at with the fog around it is Bora Bora.
  2. I just finished breakfast but looking at those pictures makes me hungry again 😉 I always order that beef tenderloin but get nutella ice cream for dessert. Yum!
  3. Sheryl Crowe sings the song with the lyrics "all I want to do is have some fun when the sun comes up over Santa Monica Blvd".
  4. I see it on my iphone. Looks like I quoted the wrong quote. Don't know how to delete. I meant to quote the person who said the blue dots and stars are only on the desktop and not the mobile. I see it both.
  5. I have the blue dots and stars so maybe it is now back?
  6. A lot of Route 66 disappeared when the interstate highways were built as people drove the highways instead of local roads. There are parts still accessible in Arizona. We have done two cruises (Hawaii and another to the South Pacific) where the lecturer did a presentation on route 66. The first one took two days while the second cruise he had added a third day. Lots of slides and 60s music. It was a great presentation!
  7. No post numbers although hopefully they will add them back. If you are logged in to CC when you are on the Princess forum page and see all the threads, you will see a bold blue dot (or a star if you have posted on that thread). Just click on it and it will take you to where you left off. This was also the case the last time they changed CC.
  8. I noticed the change yesterday morning. I don't like it because the print is smaller and some things are not as bold as before.
  9. Thanks for starting this! I am enjoying seeing the pictures and hearing about your cruises from long ago as I didn't start cruising until 1988.
  10. Just as an FYI - not all the lodges have wifi in the rooms. I believe it is McKinley lodge that only has it at the lodge.
  11. My neighborhood. Named after Emily Dickinson.
  12. Years ago I read that any house with furniture is not the one that was picked. Only two times since then have I seen all three houses with furniture so I couldn't figure out which they picked. I have also heard that not all the houses are actually for sale and that many are not but people who agreed to have their home on the show. Note that the vast majority of homes have no real for sale sign outside. Every now and then you will see the white posts where the sign was (but the sign is not there). Most times there are no posts. I figure, but don't know for sure, that a lot of the prices on
  13. I love The Amazing Race. I have watched it since it began years ago. I am pretty sure when Covid hit I read that they were in the middle of filming and had to send everyone home. Anyone else hear that? I just googled and found that the end of February they stopped filming season 33. They had 3 shows filmed where they went to two countries, England and Scotland. I hope someday they will be able to finish filming. If it takes too long some of the contestants might not be able to take time off from work, etc. They also might look a little different (hair color, weight, etc). If
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