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  1. @PescadoAmarillo You mentioned in your blog that at dinner the different flavors of ice cream were no longer offered. I do see in the make your own sundae you can get sorbet. Did you miss that? You can email that reader of your blog that I see the lunch menu has different flavors of ice cream. I wonder if they have leftovers if they will give it out if asked?
  2. Because some people are OCD and don't want to take their mask off just to put it back on again at their next stop and have to adjust it "just right". (my dh is like that)
  3. Florida has very high Covid case numbers because they are "pretty much back to normal". In many parts of the USA, where the governors believe in the science and don't try to stop people (schools, etc) from protecting themselves, it is different. Where I live All school children must wear a mask in school and on the bus. We walk every day at the local mall (usually before it opens so less people) and I would say that about 60%-70% of the people wear masks even though it is not mandated to do so. Same for at the grocery store. I'm in a state with a very high number of people vaccinated. We just got our Pfizer booster on Sunday. @getting older slowlyI feel for you in Australia having a long lockdown. I am sure it is tough for everyone.
  4. Got the Pfizer booster today. Now I'll feel a little safer (both for me and him) around my 5 year old grandson. Went out to lunch afterwards. Went to a burger joint. It was frigid inside but luckily a few tables were outside. Warmer there. Temp was about 70 or 71 and a little breezy. They could save some money by cutting the a/c back a bit. Felt like I was in the refrigerator when placing my order!
  5. @compozerAny updates? I'm sorry you have to go through this. Sounds like some sort of glich in their computer system!
  6. I'm going to miss reading updates 😞 Thank you for allowing us to cruise virtually with you.
  7. How about just starting a new thread here on the Princess board and label it something like this: review of my Alaska cruise.
  8. Yes, but the 50% off is off a higher rate than if you called Princess and booked it before traveling.
  9. We started cruising Princess in 2012. I don't remember if I saw it then but I certainly have seen it EVERY last night of a cruise segment during the baked alaska parade. We always eat in Anytime dining, usually go in between 6:00 and 6:30 pm. I think it is a fun touch but I think now that we are all more aware of germs it might be time to say goodbye.
  10. I googled and petit fours are small bite-sized confectionery or savory appetizer. gourmandise is appreciation or interest in good food and drink. Looks like petit fours is much more accurate.
  11. I didn't in 2019. Call again and see what someone else says.
  12. @MamaFej I am so sorry. Sounds like you have a wonderful son. Did he ever say why he did not try to get a new roommate at his old location? It is very hard to see your kids making bad decisions (I am not saying this was a bad decision but you don't like this decision). Hopefully things will change for him soon. Maybe finding a roommate and moving somewhere else?
  13. I have not heard of anything offered to not cancel. My guess is that there is a lot of pent up demand so if cruising with a mask is not for you there are others who are willing to take your place.
  14. Really puts some things into perspective. We take too much for granted and argue about "the small stuff". I hope your son and his family will be safe.
  15. Thanks! I’m curious to hear any interesting information. Have a safe flight home.
  16. Curious how the meeting with Jan went. I am surprised to see that no one on board has updated this thread with that info.
  17. My whole school career was in the same town. I went to the 10th but didn't really enjoy it. Next was the 20th. I didn't go (I do live out of state). When the 40th came I went and had a blast. 50th was in the fall of 2019 . Had a great time. Even won an instant lottery ticket which turned out to be a $400 winner 🙂 DH went to his 20th but isn't interested in going to others. He still wears (to mow the lawn) the t-shirt he got that says he survived his 20th reunion!
  18. I forgot to say that my perks followed me to my replacement cruise.
  19. I think Magic to do was on the Royal Princess. I am sure someone will tell me if I am wrong! 🤣
  20. I totally agree with you. We are about the same age. I remember the phrase "Never trust anyone over 30". How did we get so far beyond that? So much has changed since 1970. How am I old enough for grandchildren!!! 😱
  21. Wow! Definitely something for some folks to think about before doing this.
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