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  1. Hi! I agree about the masks. That would not be fun. We will hang on until either sail or NCL cancels it. But I think it is the STAR, not the JADE. Are you really a Dog Walker? That would be a great job for me - except maybe in the rain..... I love, love love dogs. Our little Molly is the light of our life. Judy
  2. We are booked on the April 2021 Transatlantic - NYC to London. I am so hoping it is a go, but I have strong doubts. The cruise is on the STAR and this makes me think it will be canceled. We'll keep trying. I've had 3 cruises canceled & have 3 current reservations that may be canceled. Eventually, (at least hopefully) we'll get a green light! Gotta think positive! Judy
  3. I know this is an old topic, but we did sail on CroisiEurope. We sailed from Paris to Chardonnay. There were no French passengers on our "barge". We had 16 guests from USA, Australia, New Zealand and I believe England. Our crew were all amazing. We had the Captain (who we met when he was helping to load our luggage onto the barge). We had his first mate, the Cruise Director, the Dining room server and the maid. Each and every one of the 5 of them helped each other as needed. English was the only language spoken - and the only one needed. This was one of the most fun trips we've ever
  4. I would definitely choose the SUN. The Officers and crew on the SUN are the best of any we have ever met. We've done over 30 cruises on 5 or 6 lines and the SUN is still our favorite. Most of them work very hard to stay on the SUN because of the ship's atmosphere. You have several advantages with the SUN. It was recently renovated and is beautiful. It is a small ship that caters to the passengers. You don't find this on larger ships. The capacity of the SUN - when full - is 2400. You are wise to wait until September. Since this is the first week of school for many, the ship wil
  5. My guess is that Franco could not handle the volume of sales if he went online. As I mentioned, everything is made on site and he has only a few carvers. I think he does well with his little showroom and I would guess that he does not want to expand. The people who sell in the shop have been there for many years. They are loyal to him, so I assume he is good to them. I am there about once a year and they always have a warm greeting and a "Welcome back" for me. It is nice. I suggest to anyone interested that they take cash. The surcharge for merchants in Roatan is huge for cre
  6. I love the Sand Castle. They do not have a website, but we make an extended visit each year and if you are interested, you can contact me and I will get you in touch with Franco, the owner and Master Carver. I will be returning in December. Franco is from Italy and studied there to learn his trade. He came to Roatan and opened The Sand Castle and has taught locals how to carve. I love that everything is made at this site and all are made by Franco and his local artisans. My contact information is: judy donie at yahoo dot com . (in email format with no capitals and no spaces)
  7. I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for you. I have recently noticed that folks with lots of posts (like you and me) seem to be extremely polite and congenial. 😍 It may be my imagination, but I don't think so. Is it lessons learned from many posts.... or... is it just the way our Mamas raised us???? 🤗🤗🤗
  8. I doubt if this is the Concierge Carlos. We love him and think he is a wonderful concierge, but I don't see him as a General Manager. It will be interesting to see who the mysterious "Carlos" is. I hope someone reports back. I can ask my crew friends who are on the Spirit. I will report back if I learn anything.
  9. Carlos is an awesome Concierge. If you get to use his services, you will know what I mean.
  10. I hope you were able to meet Prejith, the Executive Chef. He is such a wonderful man and a great chef. I also hope you met the wonderful Jose Contreras - Beverage manager extraordinaire.
  11. I am so sorry that you didn't care for Jeimy. She was the Cruise Director the last time we were on the Sun and she was extremely kind and thoughtful. We had a medical emergency at home and when she found out, she checked on us many times and offered to help in any way - such as letting us call home on her phone. The officers and crew that we met were all kind and caring. If you sail with her again, I suggest that you introduce yourself to her and I think you will find that she is very nice.
  12. While I don't know many of these officers, I am happy to see where Bruno is these days. We loved having him as our concierge on a couple of cruises and he was always wonderful and attentive.
  13. What an awesome group of officers and crew. We love Alain and I'm glad to hear that he still has his ship, The Dawn. He is one of the best. Though I don't know all of the others, I know enough of them to know that they would make for a tremendous cruise. Glad you had a good time with them.
  14. I am so sorry to hear that Silva passed away. We sailed with her a few years ago and we loved meeting and spending time with her. We also are loyal to NCL and have many friends among the officers and crew. When we walked into the Captain's Reception, we were quickly guided to her table and told that we needed to meet one another. We quickly became "shipboard friends". We dined with her and the Hotel Director and again loved visiting with her. I know that you are lucky to have had her as your friend. I am sorry for your loss.
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