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  1. I hope you were able to meet Prejith, the Executive Chef. He is such a wonderful man and a great chef. I also hope you met the wonderful Jose Contreras - Beverage manager extraordinaire.
  2. I am so sorry that you didn't care for Jeimy. She was the Cruise Director the last time we were on the Sun and she was extremely kind and thoughtful. We had a medical emergency at home and when she found out, she checked on us many times and offered to help in any way - such as letting us call home on her phone. The officers and crew that we met were all kind and caring. If you sail with her again, I suggest that you introduce yourself to her and I think you will find that she is very nice.
  3. While I don't know many of these officers, I am happy to see where Bruno is these days. We loved having him as our concierge on a couple of cruises and he was always wonderful and attentive.
  4. What an awesome group of officers and crew. We love Alain and I'm glad to hear that he still has his ship, The Dawn. He is one of the best. Though I don't know all of the others, I know enough of them to know that they would make for a tremendous cruise. Glad you had a good time with them.
  5. I am so sorry to hear that Silva passed away. We sailed with her a few years ago and we loved meeting and spending time with her. We also are loyal to NCL and have many friends among the officers and crew. When we walked into the Captain's Reception, we were quickly guided to her table and told that we needed to meet one another. We quickly became "shipboard friends". We dined with her and the Hotel Director and again loved visiting with her. I know that you are lucky to have had her as your friend. I am sorry for your loss.
  6. If you’ve had Carlos twice you are very lucky. He is awesome. Even if you don’t have him a third time, there are many other awesome concierges. Enjoy!
  7. If Yahira is still the concierge on the GEM, you are very lucky. We had her in November on the SUN and she was wonderful. She went above and beyond for us when we had a problem back home. Everyone we spoke with thought she was great. She was always around and visited every breakfast and lunch in the dining room. She was well organized, friendly, and .......just everything a concierge should be.
  8. Concerning the crew on the JADE: If Efrin is your concierge, this is great news. He was our Butler a couple of years ago and he was amazing. I would think that he would be an awesome Concierge. Congratulations to him!
  9. I think I am also a charter member! The Brian Walters Fan Club must be huge. Brian is a true gentleman with an amazing work ethic. He is one of the best role models I’ve ever met. His crew are lucky and most of them know it.
  10. There are waiters, Asst. Maitr'ds, Restaurant hosts, bartenders and even front desk folks that we have met and still know. We have sailed on several very long cruises and you do get to know them. Even on shorter cruises we have met and gotten to know crew. Some are friends on FB, some send emails. I have been on a ship and had crew members come up and call me by name. We've cruised mostly the smaller ships, but on our last cruise - on the Breakaway - we reconnected with several crew members that we met on previous cruises. I respect your opinion - and I do not think it is negative, but I know there are other folks who are remembered by crew. Let's just agree to disagree and drop the topic. We're all different (thank goodness)!
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2629555-2019-list-of-ncl-officers-hotel-director-concierge-crew-etc/
  12. Ha ha John, You got me on this. I thought you started the new threads each year - going to 2019 Officers, etc. Anyway, I started a new one for 2019. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2629555-2019-list-of-ncl-officers-hotel-director-concierge-crew-etc/
  13. Hi Pete, Well, we plan to keep this thread positive. I don't think you really want an answer to your questions, so I won't try to explain. I'll just say that some officers and crew really do remember some passengers. I hope you love cruising as much as I do and I hope you have a great day. Judy Thanks for this information. I'm sure many will be missing Steven and Micky on the Jewel - Sun if they are traveling soon. They are great people. Nice to know that Errol is back.
  14. Hi, John used to start a new Officers thread at the beginning of each year. (At least I think he is the one). It is just a continuation, but a new beginning. I have started a new thread and the title is: 2019 - List of NCL Officers, Hotel Director, Concierge, Crew, etc I hope y'all will move over to the new thread. Judy
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