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  1. Carlz

    Shore Tours Costa Asia

    hmmm maybe I should have written something about my X1 package and I might have got an answer:rolleyes:
  2. Carlz

    Shore Tours Costa Asia

    Hi everyone, I've cruised several times from Australia and each time I've noticed that wherever you dock there are always plenty of independent tour operators vying for your affections!;) They usually do very similar tours as offered on the ships- but for a fraction of the cost. [I](Buyer beware though if you are late on an independent tour the ship will not wait for you!)[/I] I was wondering if I will experience the same on my cruise around Asia? (Hong Kong, Keelung, Naha, Kobe, Tokyo, Cheju and Tianjin/Beijing) I've read plenty of reviews- but most seem to either have done a Costa tour, leg it on their own or have a pre-arranged guide waiting. Would appreciate any advice you have! Cheers, Carla:)
  3. Carlz

    Shore Tours Asia

    Hi everyone, sorry have no idea why I double posted :confused::o:confused::o
  4. Carlz

    Costa Allegra - Far East - the ship

    Thanks Dizzy for a great review- I'm heading on the Classica from Hong Kong very soon so your review was very helpful to us also! :)
  5. Carlz

    i must be spoilt

    have posts here been deleted? I couldn't really find anything negative at all?:confused: Sorry you didn't enjoy your cruise...it's very disappointing to hear of rude service. My first cruise was on the Sun and I had a wonderful time. I hope this doesn't put you off cruising altogether...you might just have to head for the five star ships!:D
  6. Carlz


    no human loss of life sure. what about the marine life? :(
  7. Carlz

    Is formal night a joke like on MSC?

    [quote name='Tipsy252'] Mediterannia was chartered for a nudist cruise!:eek: Yep that's totally clothing optional in all areas. Don't know what they did for Formal night!:D[/quote] hehe... no troubles packing that suitcase...for formal night just bring a bowtie or a string of pearls and you're done!:D
  8. Carlz

    Is formal night a joke like on MSC?

    I read in the brochure that for the "gala" evenings passengers were not required to wear anything as formal as a tux.
  9. Carlz

    Past Passengers

    ...of course as a past passenger you also get a nice collection of those blue plastic folders.....:rolleyes:
  10. Carlz

    for the ladies???

    [quote name='cruisekids009']just for you Carlz[/quote] ooh got a shiver! lol:D
  11. Carlz

    Prawns at dinner?

    We were offered the prawns last May...but I'm sure someone has a more up to date answer for you!
  12. Carlz

    Hope everyone in Melbourne is OK?

    everyone be calm...it wasn't a quake......I'm really sorry....you see I'd just got my blue folder and was doing my happy dance....:rolleyes: lol but seriously... it was the worst I've ever felt...the whole house shuddered...quite scary!:eek: kids were also scared...I had both lil darlings in bed with me for the rest of the night!!
  13. Carlz

    for the ladies???

    [quote name='cruisekids009']sorry couldn't resist which type of captain? me i'd take jack sparrow any day.... (now to delete those of the computer b4 hubby wonders what i have been up to)[/quote] hehehe... I can't go past Captain Stubing (sp?) whites.... lol
  14. Carlz

    for the ladies???

    ooh...I'm a bit disappointed! when I read the subject heading "for the ladies..." I thought I'd find in here some pics of hot men in captains uniforms!:p definitely get your eyelashes dyed blackest black...then you only need a little bit of waterproof mascara on the tips at night! I love dior waterproof...or on a budget the maybelline lashdiscovery minibrush is good and readily available from any chemist/priceline store etc.:)
  15. Carlz

    Irriki or Hideaway Island in Vila

    [quote name='Ela 2']To find the best snorkelling at Pentecost, walk to where the path leads inland to the land diving site. Go into the water off-shore from that point. :):) Re water temperature - You are going early May. I don't think ithe water would be cold. Vila is a little bit further south than Cairns, so it is really in the tropics. :) Evon. Evon.[/quote] You're right...we were in pentecoste last may and the water was fine!!!!