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  1. Don't tell anyone but I'm sharing my drinks package.
  2. Kinda thought that. As I say I know you can do it whilst onboard. but probably at inflated prices.
  3. I know that when onboard you can book the drinks package for the remainder of the cruise ( with number of days restrictions). What I would like to know is, is it possible to do the same before the cruise. For example we are planning a 12 day cruise. Can we, before we sail, book the package for , say, the last 8 or 9 days ?
  4. We were in one on deck 14 on Oasis in September. Didn't hear any overhead noise. Loved the view to Central Park ( found it far more interesting and enjoyable than looking at the ocean) and the music in the evenings. No issue with heat and very simple to pull the curtains when dressing/undressing. Cheaper too.
  5. I would strongly advise you NOT to wait until you board to buy the drinks package.
  6. Thank you for your scientific input.
  7. if you're in a buffet, they will be handling the tongs you need to transfer food to your plate.
  8. Yeah there will always be exceptions. Doesn't mean the others shouldn't do it though.
  9. Me too cos I've seen enough not to trust my fellow users. The same way I don't trust those who say they've washed their hands in the bathroom, when refusing the sanitiser.
  10. Every gents toilet on Oasis had a sign suggesting you use a tissue to open the door on the way out.
  11. Should it be a condition of entry to dining areas that you disinfect your hands? I believe it should be. On oasis last week I lost count of the number of arrogant passengers who ignored, not only the dispensers, but also the offer from a bottle by a member of staff.
  12. I've heard that the Champagne Bar will be replaced with a Bionic bar. What a crime!
  13. Every member of staff we spoke to last said they would be remaining on board and helping with the refurb.
  14. Just got off her on Sunday. Beautiful ship.
  15. 15th September we sail in a CP balcony, which I'm happy to now know IS a balcony. Cant wait to relax there with a cocktail and watch the (Oasis of the Seas) world go by.
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