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  1. Correct...a waiver is only permitted for national security reasons, so cruising is not eligible for a waiver.
  2. True, but FYI the REAL ID requirement was recently postponed again, this time until May 3, 2023 . https://www.dhs.gov/real-id/real-id-faqs "Q: When will REAL ID be enforced? The enforcement date is May 3, 2023." Given that the REAL ID law was enacted in 2005, sixteen years (or 18 years to the latest effective date) and numerous postponements later one has to wonder whether it ever will be implemented.
  3. You're wrong. For months and months the cruise industry announced repeated voluntary suspensions of cruising and after the CDC issued the Conditional Sail Order to replace the prior No Sail Order the cruise lines made no attempt to issue formal plans to comply until recently.
  4. The state has never negotiated with the CDC about cruise resumption and the cruise lines only started doing so very recently.
  5. They opened in 2007. https://www.juniorscheesecake.com/blog/2017/06/11/49th-opening-wsj/#:~:text=Since it opened in 2007,location in the theater district. "Since it opened in 2007, the Times Square location of Junior’s Restaurant has been a success..."
  6. Yes, the "Sail Safe" rules are the same across the entire NCLH fleet.
  7. NCLH protocols currently include mask requirements on all cruises . Here's the statement on Oceania's website: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/health FACE COVERINGS Face coverings are currently required for guests while indoors except for in their own accommodations and while eating and drinking in restaurants, bars and lounges or outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. Face coverings may be required in certain settings to comply with local requirements, for example in terminals for embarkation and disembarkation or at ports of call. We
  8. Since you're interested in the Intrepid, the two hotels on West 48th St. I mentioned are very conveniently located as the Intrepid is located at Pier 86 . Per Carmine's website their Times Square location is "temporarily closed". Becco is currently open Wednesday through Sunday.
  9. I agree with the comments made by @mjkacmom and @Noxequifans . You need to do a little research on your own, decide what you want to do in order to pick a convenient area to stay...and you want to look at prices because there's a huge spread top to bottom. If it turns out you just want basic accommodations at a reasonable price close to the port there are a Comfort Inn and a Holiday Inn Express on West 48th St, each in walking distance to the port. When my son and DIL stayed at the Comfort Inn they said it was clean and fine for a one night stay, and I suspect the HIE is the same.
  10. Manhattan is relatively small so your hotel doesn't have to be near the port to be only a relatively short and inexpensive taxi or Uber ride to the cruise terminal. To answer your question it would be helpful to know: How are you getting to NY? Airline, auto, train, bus? How many people are in your traveling party and what type of bedding arrangement do you need? What's your budget? Will you be doing any sightseeing on the day you're in town? As a general rule it will cost you a lot more to book a hotel room through the cruise line than to book it y
  11. Opinions of well-qualified lawyers appear to be overwhelmingly on the side of the Florida rule not being applicable to cruise ships because under the US Constitution federal law, not state law, governs international and interstate commerce. The governor however insists the rule is applicable to cruise ships. It may come down to the courts deciding.
  12. My personal experience is quite to the contrary. Restaurant margins are so thin that the slightest downturn can threaten their solvency. Of all the customers of our former family-owned wholesale food distributing business, our restaurant customers, even those that appeared successful on the surface, went out of business far more frequently than our other clients. So much so that my father often toyed with the idea of requiring restaurants to be cash-on-delivery accounts. He never did that because no restaurant would agree to those terms...they all wanted credit and many were slow
  13. Actually I can't find anything stating DeSantis has signed the bill, but I also haven't seen any indication he's opposed to it and it's part of a larger transportation bill that I suspect he's in favor of.
  14. Florida has already overruled them . A law was enacted that overturns what the Key West voters decided and only allows the state to make such decisions. I haven't seen anything yet about the new law being challenged in court, but it very well may be.
  15. As someone who spent his entire childhood and even past college graduation as a resident of Staten Island nothing will ever persuade me to ride that ferry again...and thankfully it's been over 50 years since I have set foot on it.
  16. I thought it was rather clear that all the 98%/95% vaccination route differed only in allowing the cruise lines to bypass the test cruise phase. All the protocols would otherwise be the same...which probably warrants some rethinking on the CDC's part. If essentially everyone on board is vaccinated there ought to be some easing of certain restrictions...but I think which should be eased requires enough thought that I'm not about to shoot from the hip and start listing possibilities. Edit: FDR interprets it the same way I do: https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-b/ne
  17. OK, I see what you're saying. As far as passenger guidelines are concerned there's no difference. I'm just saying looking at the whole picture there's a big difference as far as the cruise lines are concerned. Ultimately there may also be a difference as far as the passengers are concerned. I don't think it's a big stretch of the imagination to see the CDC backing off some of the requirements fairly quickly on the "everyone's vaccinated" cruises just as they have backed off the test cruise requirement.
  18. That's an incomplete assertion. The cruise lines can bypass the test cruise phase and go directly to the resumption of actual revenue cruises if they require 95% of passengers and 98% of crew to be vaccinated provided all other CDC requirements are met. By bypassing the test cruise phase the resumption of cruising, and $$ rolling into the cruise lines' depleted cash reserves will take place sooner.
  19. You are mistaken. It became effective on April 2 and will remain in effect for the duration of the executive order dated March 9, 2020 declaring a state of emergency in Florida. https://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/EO-21-81.pdf Subsequently legislation was enacted prohibiting a requirement for proof of vaccination so it's now law, not just an executive order. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article250999909.html
  20. But DeSantis has specifically stated that the cruise line's can't. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-silversea-cruises-to-require-vaccinations-20210412-7ok6fwabpndc5aop6oyla5tgvq-story.html "DeSantis’ press office on Monday asserted that his recent executive order barring businesses from requiring proof of vaccinated customers extends to cruise lines operating in Florida."
  21. The interpretation I read says that is a recommendation, not a requirement...and that some Caribbean ports do meet the CDC's guidelines: https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/news/6095/ "The agency further recommends, but does not require, that shore excursions only take place in foreign ports listed as Level 1: COVID-19 Low in the CDC's Travel Recommendations. In the Caribbean, the list of CDC safe spots currently includes Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, Grenada, the British Virgin Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis. It does not include the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jama
  22. @pinotloverin addition to the limitation not applying to Oceania ships due to their size, the vote wasn't nearly a year ago, it was in November, 6 months ago...and recently a state law has been passed in Florida overturning Key West's vote and prohibiting any Florida port from attempting similar limitations, leaving those decisions strictly in the hands of the state, not localities.
  23. First, not a big deal as to answering the OP's question, but the cruise will end in Miami, not Fort Lauderdale . Second, if you examine where the Bermuda Triangle is this cruise would spend little time in that area of the Atlantic. The northernmost vertex of the Bermuda Triangle is at Bermuda, so in sailing from Montreal to Bermuda, which comprises about 85% of the itinerary, the ship will not be in the Bermuda Triangle at all. Only on the two sea days from Bermuda to Miami, which is the westernmost vertex of the Bermuda Triangle would the ship be merely skirting...and not even going thro
  24. Under the commerce clause of the Constitution the federal government has sole authority to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. The states have zero authority in these areas, even in the absence of specific federal laws and regulations . I haven't seen public comment by a single lawyer considered an expert in this area of law suggesting that Florida has a reasonably good chance to win the argument. That's why there won't be much in the way of fireworks other than political posturing and false narratives.
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