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  1. Jane was our Butler in our Family Suite on the Dawn last April. I cruised the Dawn 2 more times.... once in a suite but did not have Jane as our butler. Five months later, I was back on the Dawn. I surprised my two childhood girlfriends (of 60 years) and upgraded us to a beautiful suite on the Dawn. When the Butlers came into the pre-boarding / suites area, Jane noticed me and immediately called out my name saying... Miss Judy! Miss Judy!! She came over and we shared a big hug. She and I were disappointed that we were not in one of her cabins. We were back on the Dawn a 3rd time in November for a re-positioning cruise but not in a suite. We were at dinner in Cagney's when she came in to get a dinner together to bring to one of her suites. Another wonderful greeting was enjoyed. I can be cynical with people working for gratuities but Jane is just a great person. She is warm, caring and wonderful. Roel was excellent as well, checking in on us when dining at specialty restaurants and always fun to chat with. Again, I got to see him on both of my 2 additional cruises. In November, he asked how my cruise was going and if I needed anything. I reminded him I was not in a suite that cruise. He said that it didn't matter and to let him know if I needed any assistance with anything. He would always stop by to say hello when he noticed that we were dining nearby. Jane and Roel are definitely a couple of NCL's best!!
  2. Two weeks ago I had my first experience with EZ Air. It was very positive on Princess's part but Delta was disappointing. We booked our flights through Princess 5 months before our cruise, got a great price on Delta and got the seats we wanted at booking. Other than getting 17 different emails in those 5 months about schedule / time changes that were annoying, when time came to fly, our original departure time was back to where it was in the beginning. The flight home however was moved back 3.5 hours. After a cruise, departing FLL at 4:30 PM versus 1:00 PM wasn't great but it was what it was.... and it wasn't Princess's fault. The most annoying part of the experience was when we got to the airport and found our seats had been changed. I had chosen an aisle seat in the same row as the window seat my husband was occupying. I ALWAYS choose an aisle seat. Well now I was in a window seat several rows behind my husband. Ugh! Before someone says it, the airplane / equipment was still the same, an Airbus 320. Nothing could be done. I was polite (always treat people that way who are just doing their job) and was told the airplane was totally full... and it was! This has never happened to me in 40+ years of business travel. The bottom line is.... just because you book a seat choice, be prepared, that could change.
  3. We stayed at the Cambria Suites Hotel. I had a group of 12 and got the name of the service the hotel uses (Alfaro Limo). They were great! We also used him to get us all to the airport on our return to the Port of Miami. Enjoy your cruise! Judy
  4. It's been a couple years since I was on the Royal and Regal. Last time on board, I was able to use a punch on my coffee card for an ice cream sundae or ice cream crepes (on sea days only). Is that still allowed under the new coffee card procedures? Thanks for your answers!
  5. I loaded the Ocean Compass App first and created my account. Once that App is on your iPad or iPhone, you can press the concentric circles in the lower right corner (on my iPhone) and bring up the other 5 Ocean Apps that you can choose to add. I am only using the Ocean Compass and Ocean Ready Apps. I hope that helps/works for you. Judy
  6. I am just waking up to this whole Medallion thing as it's been 2 years since my last Princess cruise. Now we are leaving on the Regal in 3 weeks and I just realized that the Medallion is finally in use on the Regal. I'm sure my questions might be answered somewhere within thousands of posts but I'm hoping they might be answered here as well. Thanks in advance! * Does everyone boarding automatically receive a Medallion or do I need to request it? * Are you able to decline the Medallion and just go with the old fashion key card? ...even better, can I have both? * When we board, we have one member of our party changing cabins to another family cabin. If we have the Medallion, is it an easy process to change the Medallion to reflect the passenger, cabin, etc.? * Is the Medallion waterproof? * I see all these people taking it out of the holder and putting it in pockets, purses, etc. Seems that it could get lost easily. How is your account, cabin access, purchases, etc. protected if lost or stolen? * Last one - in this age where I carry credit cards in a RFID case, when walking around in ports, is my information on the Medallion safe? Is my credit card # accessible on the Medallion? Again, thanks for your answers. (even if it is a link to the answer! ;) ) Judy
  7. I have three women BFFs are cruising on the Jade in 10 days. Two of us (none of us are related) are Platinum members. Will one of the Platinum members be able take the 3rd woman as our guest to the two complimentary meals while the other Platinum member uses her vouchers? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for that great info. I'm hoping you also might know if I buy the 24/7 package, can other family members in my cabin use my package on their device or is it device specific. I do understand that only one device could use the internet package at a time. Do I need to buy each kid their own 24/7 package to keep them happy? (Not a need but would probably do ;p )
  9. We are leaving on the Dawn in 2 days out of Boston to Bermuda. I bid at 90 days out (when first offered) on a Family Suite with Balcony (SD) and then added a second bid on another aft Penthouse Suite. I finally got an email yesterday, 3 days before our cruise. The waiting and watching has been exciting but exhausting! ;) I kept doing mock bookings to watch the inventory. I could tell that those suites hadn't been awarded yet but that was all. The cabin will be perfect for 3 adult girlfriends. We are childhood friends of 50+ years. One has never cruised and the other has cruised twice. We would have had just as much fun in our booked balcony cabin but I can't wait to surprise them when we get to the pier to check in! :D Finally at noon, yesterday, I received notification I got my 'poor' bid on the Family Suite!! Yeah! I've only bid one other time for our cruise we took this past April on the same ship. I got the bid on the same category Family Suite then only one cabin over. I love this bidding process. ;) :D
  10. Have a great time on your Baltic cruise. :) We loved our 14 day Baltic cruise 2 years ago and hope to talk friends into going so we can go again. I too like to be prepared and thought I was prepared as we started our journey to our cruise. What I didn't do a good job of preparing for was the fact that neither of our checked bags arrived in Heathrow when we did. As a matter of fact, other than the 2 pairs of underwear each, a nightgown, a pair of gym shorts for my DH, 1 t-shirt for him, I t-shirt for me and a pair of non matching capris and only my flipflops I was wearing and DH had sneakers on...we had nothing else for the first 6 days of our cruise! If the luggage hadn't finally been found, sent from Newark and then finally catching up to us in Sweden, we would not have gotten it as we were going to Russia next. We were told not to have it sent to Russia. Period. So when I travel to any cruises now.... no matter if in the USA or heading out of the USA, I prepare much better.... like I might not get my luggage for a few days! :rolleyes: :o Lesson learned!
  11. What an awesome cruise you all had. :D Thanks for keeping your usual fantastic 'blog' for all of us. Safe travels back to NY! :cool:
  12. Extremely happy to find you and your family off on another cruise adventure. First to the Birthday Boy...Happy Birthday!... To your surely disappointed mother, healing thoughts. To you heading out on another wonderful cruise...you'll be fine and love it! No need for prayers....good thoughts to you on your memorable family vacation! :D Thanks for bringing so many smiles to so many of us that are along with you. Bon Voyage Doug! :cool:
  13. I had made my 3 Specialty Dining Reservations on NCL.com for an upcoming cruise (100+ days away). Now due to one of my friends diet restrictions, we need to change one of our selection to a different restaurant. For the life of me, I cannot find a way to do this on the NCL / my reservation website. Is this possible to do or do I need to make a phone call? Any insight will be appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Red Hook Brewery - two operations Seattle and the other one is in Portsmouth, NH....7.8 miles from my front door. I go by it almost every day. Too bad I don't like beer!! ;p:beer-mug:
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