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  1. We experienced the same thing with Seabourn for a Mediterranean cruise. They notified us about 6 months before the cruise but after we'd made the plane reservations on our own so they eventually reimbursed us for all our expenses. On another thread, someone suggested it was more likely to happen with the smaller ships on Mediterranean cruises. I have no idea if that's correct!
  2. We took a pre-cruise safari and joined Explorer the day you left. We had similar problems with lack of communications, especially regarding luggage. Didn't know there was a limit to what we could take on the safari until the afternoon before. I had to spend about 2 hours separating and repacking all our necessities into 1 suitcase for 2 of us. We tried to get info/details from the local rep but she was extremely unhelpful, almost rude. Later we found out that we could have brought 1 bag EACH. One member of the group brought 2 bags, insisting she needed one bag for her medicine. One of the local reps told us we were all supposed to have the pre-safari dinner all together at the hotel. But no one told any of us so we showed up at our leisure and had dinner separately. More miscommunication. We didn't let it diminish our safari, but feel that Regent needs to figure out how to give the same, specific info to all guests with sufficient notice. I don't care if the problem is with the local agent (Akorn) or Regent. We paid Regent for the cruise so we plan to complain to them.
  3. I booked a room at the Westin months ago since we're flying in a few days before the pre-cruise safari. When I saw the proviso on the final itinerary I called Regent and they assured me that we would be staying at the Westin. I emailed the hotel yesterday and asked them to merge our reservation with Regent's reservation or at least block the room so we don't have to move. I'm still waiting for a response.
  4. We saw the Slovenian acapella group - Perpetuum Jazzile - last year and loved them. You can check them out on You Tube. And as marinaro stated, the venue was very close. It was a bit chilly but they passed out blankets so everyone was comfortable. One of the best AzAmazing events we've seen.
  5. Bonnie, the problem mentioned by Laurie still exists - Gijon is not listed in the Voyage Planner so it looks like there are no excursions there, but it is still listed as a port on the itinerary. I'd like to know if there has been another itinerary change to this cruise, skipping that port, or Azamara is working on excursions but cannot put them on the website yet or if Azamara will not be offering any excursions and therefore we need to make our own plans. Since this is during the summer travel season, we need time to make our own plans. Appreciate your help.
  6. We used Schipol Hotel Shuttle a month ago. Worked similar to Super Shuttle here in the US. They loaded the luggage and we only had 1 stop before our hotel. Price was more than the train but less than a taxi, especially during heavy traffic.
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