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  1. What time do they open on port days?
  2. Yes, grocery stores. Thanks for the information.
  3. Are there any markets close to port ? That are in walking distances? Thanks for any information you can give us.
  4. Thanks for all the information on what’s included. We are Elite but this is the first time in a Suite.
  5. Ok your going to think we have lost our minds. And we have!! Here are the details we had a mini C429 it’s a great mini with the larger balcony and we love the cabin have cruise in it a few time. So we were offer an up sell to R612 Penthouse Suite for $3495.00 pp it’s a 49 day cruise on the Royal Princess. We booked the day it open with a TA. Princess offer $1,000.00 OBC plus free gratuity our TA does discount the cruise fare. So in total we have $1,800.00 OBC. So for what we payed then the up sell we took the offer. We thought for 49 days a larger cabin would be nice! This maybe to much information but as I always see people that took the upsell I always would have like a little bit of information on what they we’re offered. We are happy😄 Betty
  6. Ok, we did get a call back from Princess. I called at 9:30 they called back at 5:00. We are on a 49 day cruise on the Royal had a Mini Suite took the upsell to a full suite. We are happy!
  7. How long does it take Princess to call back? We were given an upsale for our 49 day cruise.
  8. Holli & Bob have a great cruise!! See you next year on the Sky!
  9. What’s the name of the hair gel you use?
  10. Thanks for the information and the website.
  11. When we did our Visa for SA it was good for 10 years it will expire in 2021. Are they still honoring these? Or do we now need to get the new E-Visa? I see everyone from our roll call is getting the new E-Visa. I know this may be a dumb question I just want to be sure. I have been all over the .gov web site and can’t find the answer. Thanks, for any information in advance.
  12. Come back and let’s us know how the consultation went. I’m still researching.
  13. Thank you for the link lots of good information.
  14. Thank you for the information. You are always so helpful.
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