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  1. Greeting to those bound for Australia & New Zealand!!! My boyfriend & I will be traveling "down under" from late December - mid January and I started researching things to do in the various ports and came upon some helpful sites (one site led to another site and another...) that offer a new product or service (some won't really apply to tourists) each day...kind of a "Deal a Day" type website. Anyway, I am including a list of them (and the approximate times a new deal comes available) in hopes that others will find it as beneficial as we have. So far, we have booked a jet boat ride and a "tall ships" dinner cruise in Sydney and a day pass plus mud bath at Hells Gate in Rotorua...all for about half off!!! Perfect if you are organizing tours on your own or with others on the CC boards. Be sure to check out the variety of cities each link provides, as most have "Daily Deals" in more than one city. Also, make sure the "coupon" will be valid on the dates you will be visiting each particular city. You just have to play around on each site. In no particular order... [URL]http://www.crowdmass.com.au/[/URL] This appears to be a "Deal a Week" Coupon in Melbourne. [URL]http://www.grabone.co.nz/home[/URL] Updates at 5:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. This one is one of my favorites for New Zealand - lots of cities! We bought our passes for Hells Gate here. [URL]http://www.groupy.co.nz/[/URL] Updates at 5:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Doesn't have too many cities, yet. [URL]http://socialbuy.co.nz/Auckland[/URL] Updates at 5:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Also doesn't have many cities, yet. [URL]http://spreets.com.au/[/URL] Updates at 7:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Just found this one over the weekend...it looks promising. [URL]http://www.ouffer.com/sydney[/URL] Updates at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. A good site...pretty good amount of cities to choose from. [URL]http://www.dailydo.co.nz/christchurch/index.php[/URL] Updates at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Another good site...several cities to choose from. [URL]http://www.ourdeal.com.au/sydney[/URL] Updates at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. This one is good, but you have to have an Australian address to register for the coupons. I inquired if a Buyer from outside the country could still take part in these deals, and the reply I got was: "We'd love you to sign up to receive our deals for your upcoming trip to Australia. At this stage, our registration process is set up in order to deliver to NSW based deals to NSW residents. So I would suggest registering with a generic address such as: 1 Main Road, Sydney, NSW, 2000 if you are planning on visiting Sydney, NSW. That way you will receive daily alerts for this state. We never use your physical address, unless a deal is to be delivered. Hope fully this helps!" I haven't bought anything from them yet, so I can't specifically comment on how it works. [URL]http://www.1-dayout.co.nz/dealLocation/13/title/Christchurch[/URL] Updates at 2:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Only has a few cities, but always worth checking out. [URL]http://www.scoopon.com.au/sydney[/URL] Updates at 7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time. My favorite one for Australia! We have bought 2 deals through them...one for jet boating and the other for a dinner cruise on a "tall ship". Very user friendly. :) Happy travels!!! :)
  2. ilovevegas01

    there's a sale going on!

    I noticed last night that our cruise on the Diamond Princess from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia January 3 - January 15 also went down $430 ($215 per person!) for an inside cabin!!! :D I am anxiously waiting for my TA's office to open so I can get the savings!!! :) Good luck to all!!!
  3. Hello Izzy's Mom!!! Are you adn your husband still planning on doing the DIAMOND Princess - that leaves out of Auckland, New Zealand on January 3rd??? If so, come on over to our little roll call!!! :) As far as places to stay, my boyfriend and I are staying at the Four Points by Sheraton, Darling Harbour. I think it's about 1.5 miles away from some of the vantage points for watching fireworks. :) Here's a couple good links: [URL]http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/nye/2010/default.asp[/URL] [URL]http://www.pubclub.com/Australia/Sydney/newyear.htm[/URL] Happy travels!!! Ann :)
  4. ilovevegas01

    Private guide in Athens

    My boyfriend & I are headed to Athens in a few days. I'll let you know if our driver/guide is good or not & their contact info. Have a great day!!! Ann =)
  5. ilovevegas01

    Big thanks to Toto!!

    Yes, I definitely have to agree...TOTO IS THE BEST!!! My boyfriend & I will be on our first cruise together in November along with her. :D She definitely has been a big help to us in our planning. She should definitely be on the "Princess Payroll"...maybe they could compensate her with a free cruise!!! See you on the ship Toto, Ann =)
  6. Dianne - I will eagerly be awaiting your post as to how things go for you. I hope you have a wonderful trip in a couple weeks - wow - now I'm jealous!!! :eek: Have a safe journey & enjoy!!! 29pearls - Thanks for your thoughts. We, too, only have 2 tours booked through the ship (Istanbul & Delos - Mykonos, Greece). The rest we have arranged privately with other couples on the Cruise Critic Boards. WELCOME ABOARD this wonderful travel asset!!! Happy travels to all, Ann =)
  7. Thank you for all your advice. We are still up in the air about what activities we will do after Pompeii. Good to hear some other people's feedback. New_horizon - Could you please post on here when you get back from your cruise & let me know what you thought of doing Capri & Pompeii time wise??? Also any feedback on the Star would be appreciated, too. Have a great trip!!! Ann =)
  8. Hello everyone!!! My boyfriend & I are looking at sailing on the Star Princess in November & we will be in Naples on November 22nd. We are considering 2 options. Our ship gets into port at 7:00 am, so I figure we could be off by 7:30 & into Pompeii by 8:30. We depart at 7:00 pm. Option1: Starting about 8:30, we would like to tour Pompeii for 2 - 3 hours, catch the train up to Sorrento (around 11:00), then take a ferry over to Capri & do a tour of the Blue Grotto (approx 2 hours), and then grab a ferry back to Naples. If there is time, we would like visit the museum in Naples & see some of the highlights (Pompeii Artifacts). Option 2: Start at about 8:30, tour Pompeii, but spend a few more hours there...maybe until noon or 1:00. Then head back to Naples & go to the Museum & spend more time at the Museum (see it more in depth). My questions: Would it be worth it to go to Capri just to see the Blue Grotto or would it be more worth our time to spend more time in Pompeii / the Museum? Is seeing Pompeii, the Blue Grotto (on Capri), AND the Museum too much for one day...is it even feasible??? :eek: Does anyone know where the hydrofoils leave from out of Sorrento in relation to where the Circumvesuviana train station??? Is it within walking distance, or would you have to catch a cab, bus, etc??? What "port" does the hydrofoil go to from Sorrento (as ther seems to be more than one on Capri)??? How long is the trip from Sorrento to Capri??? How long is the trip from Capri to Naples??? Thank you in advance for all your help!!! Ann =)
  9. ilovevegas01

    Secret Door on the Star Princess???

    Thank you to all!!! Secret door or not, we are going to have an awesome time on this cruise!!! Ann =)
  10. My boyfriend & I are sailing on the Star Princess in November. I have read on a couple other threads that there are "secret doors" on some ships. Does the Star Princess have one, and if so, where is it??? Thanks, Ann =)
  11. ilovevegas01

    Can Princess change your cabin?

    My boyfriend & I are booked for a November cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean on the Star Princess. We booked a Category M guarantee, and have received a cabin placement already (we got upgraded to a Category JJ). What do you think our chances are of receiving another upgrade are once we get to the port??? Is there any way to possibly upgrade once we get to port for a drastically reduced rate??? Ann =)
  12. ilovevegas01

    Cabin Assignments at Pier: Your Experiences

    My boyfriend & I are booked for a November cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean on the Star Princess. We booked a Category M guarantee, and have received a cabin placement already (we got upgraded to a Category JJ). What do you think our chances are of receiving another upgrade are once we get to the port??? Is there any way to possibly upgrade once we get to port for a drastically reduced rate??? Ann =)
  13. ilovevegas01

    Athens on our own???

    fonseu (Diana) - Unfortunately it looks as though it only runs from June - September. I went to the website to verify: [URL]http://www.oasa.gr/index.asp?pageid=105[/URL] If it doesn't come up in english, go to [URL]http://www.oasa.gr/[/URL] and click on "english" in the upper right hand corner, then click on the Hop on Hop Off tourist info button. This is where it says only June - September (probably the busy tourist season). I sent an e-mail to them & I'll let you know when (and if) I hear back. When are you going to be in Athens? We will be there November 24th. Ann =)
  14. ilovevegas01

    ?Easiest Way to See Pompeii?

    Hello Casey (and others)!!! Just wanted to pass on some info I have found. I don't know if this is the same bus that others have been talking about, but here it is. I was doing some research over the weekend on doing Pompeii on our own. I found (on another thread on this board) that there is a bus called the SITA Bus that runs from Naples (near the port) to Pompeii. The website with the bus's schedule (first one is from Naples to Salerno, second one is from Salerno to Naples) is: [URL]http://www.sitabus.it/sitabus/campan...is-RITORNO.pdf[/URL] [URL]http://www.sitabus.it/sitabus/campania/orarioCA2005-2006/Quadro-VIIIbis-ANDATA.pdf[/URL] I don't know what the letters at the top mean, but some more research might be helpful. You would we get off at "Pompei/Scavi" (which means Pompeii Ruins) and not at "Pompei". You can also go to: [URL="http://www.sitabus.it/"]www.sitabus.it[/URL] and use [URL]http://babelfish.altavista.com/[/URL] to translate the page into English. Here is the original thread I read about it in: [URL]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=607570[/URL] (Post 13) I haven't done this yet, but my boyfriend & I are going to Naples in November, so this is the transportation we will probably use. There isn't a lot of information about this bus, so any feedback from others would probably be helpful. You could then hire a guide or do the audio tour of the site. This is what our agenda (and costs) looks like...Take the SITA Bus to Pompeii, then we would hire a guide & then take the bus back to Naples & visit the National Archaeological Museum (which appears to only be about a mile away from the port area). Bus fare is only 3 euros each way on the SITA (per person) + entrance to Pompeii is 10 euros (per person) + hire a guide for about 80 - 100 euro (seems to be the rate most people have paid on here & Trip Advisor). The entrance to the museum is 6.5 euros. Hope this helps & happy travels!!! Ann =)
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    STAR PRINCESS-Eastern Med

    Glad to see you joined our happy little roll call...welcome aboard!!! Ann =)