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  1. The booking we reserved with Johnny Cab was perfectly fine and everything went smoothly with the pick-up at the airport and the drive to the pier. We were 3 people with one being elderly with a foldable walker. The van was large for our 3 pieces of luggage and the walker and our carry-ons. The driver was very nice and helpful and we made sure to give him a gratuity. He was on time and was very pleasant. We will not hesitate to use Johnny Cab in the future when we visit Oahu.
  2. Thank you for your recommendations. We have booked Johnny Cab for $30.00 plus gratuity. They were very nice and quick with responses. However they did make it clear that a gratuity is so so appreciated. Maybe some people have not been giving gratuities lately. I will update this post once I have completed their service. Mahalo
  3. No sound. We loved the Virtual Balcony so cleaver and fun to stand at the rail and view the ocean. Wise choice to save money!
  4. We are looking for private transfer from HNL to the Pier 2 Ala Moana Blvd.. Recommendations? Costs we should expect? 3 Passengers. Thank you for input.
  5. Thank you METS123. Every idea is appreciated. She is 92 and really needs some leeway to manage the muster. 👼
  6. Thank you all for the replies. Waiters have read the menu to her in the past which was very very nice. I'll also check with guest services once on the ship. She is registered as a disabled person who may need extra assistance when I cannot be there to assist. We have always had great service for her on RCI so I do expect that this time in September will be no different. 👍
  7. Love the Radiance of the Seas. Did a Trans-Pacific on her in 2017 and in 2018 took the Celebrity Solstice on the same TP. The Radiance layout, service, and food were all superior to the Solstice. We love the size of the ship and all the windows for the non-stop views. We will be on her once again in 2019 and cannot wait. The pool area is wonderful for adults with the food area and bar area enclosed so you do not have to walk to the Windjammer if you want a beverage or some food. Such a convenience. We liked the fact that the roof never opened. There is plenty of sunlight that comes in (glass ceiling) and as another poster said you can always go to the outside pool if the enclosure is not to your liking. The staff was always accommodating to your needs and cabin attendants wanted to please to make sure you had a great time. We cannot say anything negative, however note that she is not a young ship so does show some wear and tear. That doesn't bother us as we always felt she was neat and clean and that matters to us. If we find there is anything different next TP coming up shortly we will be sure to update this post.
  8. We are on the RCI Radiance and my mother who is sight impaired and uses a walker will need assistance to her Muster Station. Our cabin a few down from hers is a different Muster Station. How will she get assistance for the Muster? Can we change since our cabin is about 8 down on the same Port side as hers. she is in an accessible cabin as well. Thoughts and prior experiences are appreciated.
  9. Has anyone stayed at the Amora Hotel Jamison on Jamison St in the CBD? Close to the Rocks and a bit less price wise then the Four Seasons. Anything I should know about and experience with this hotel?
  10. Aloha, Thank you very much for your comment on the Ata Rangi vineyard visit. I will look into it. Appreciate your time. 🙂
  11. Aloha and thank you very much for the comments. I'm going to try this trip. 🙂 We are looking forward to our cruise in September and will be excited to spend 2 days in Sydney as well. Love the city.
  12. Thank you for your response. The tour stops at the following 3 wineries: Palliser, Poppies and Te Kairanga.
  13. Aloha, We will be in Wellington in early October on the Radiance of the Seas. We have been to Wellington in the past and this time wanted to do something different. Has anyone tried going to Martinborough on a winery tour for half day? I have found a Viator tour that takes you to 3 wineries and it is about 1 hour outside Wellington. Comments are appreciated.
  14. We won about 2k on a Slot Pull. They would not give the cash until they had our Passport and SS number. We got a 1099! No getting out of that one!
  15. Question for experts here and I do intend to also call the Trip Insurance Store as well. Q: When should we buy Medical, cancellation and evacuation policies if we purchased the "Refundable" RCI deposit for our trip in September? Our final payment is in June. Thank you.
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