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  1. Thank you. I got some 3M from Amazon. They will have to do.
  2. I know there are differences, and I read somewhere on this board or elsewhere what they were, but does anyone know what is the best kind to purchase for travel.
  3. Ahhh David. I think Wendy is your wife. I know her. Met her years ago and if she remembers me, she will remember I am just a regular girl. Don't EXPECT anything over the top. Love life, but there are some things I "would like". Doesn't mean I demand. Doesn't mean I elbow my way, but I do think if I am making an effort to be somewhere and pay for it, I would pay more for more. I suspect it is a different way of thinking. You might also know I am willing to let others have my perks should they need them (needy or ill). Nothing I can say would change how you "view" me, but you are amiss I believe and also all of you who have made sour comments. Maybe someday we can be in a situation where I would help you--I would be the first!
  4. We generally do not do the Captains table. I like preferred boarding and tendering. Also, I pretty much like to have a Specialty when I want one. Those are the things I like.
  5. Bob is really spot on. We cruised on X in the best suite (can't remember the name) and the same for Princess, but no butler on Princess. I don't mind that Regent includes tours since we have traveled so extensively, we frequently use the tours to get where we want to be and leave the tours, do our own things, and meet them to go back to the ship. One thing I do not like on Regent as we travel in the Master Suite is that they don't differentiate in how they treat you no matter the class of suite you are in. Personally, if I am paying 3 to 4 times I would like some perks. I have heard that they are doing a little better now, I don't know. We have several coming up. Their food and entertainment is better, except Crystal who has better speakers.
  6. The problem with this gentleman is that Miguel and Michael are the same. I believe If he has enough time he can go work that out. He will have to go back to the birth certificate name though. Or, I believe investing in a name change if it isn't for the purpose of defrauding someone is also quite easy. I did it on my son. He will have to devote some time to this.
  7. LOL, you have that right. My license isn't due for renewal so I am not doing all that, the documentation would kill a cow. I will keep my Passport up to date.
  8. Correct on all counts. People with compromised immune systems should not expose themselves to all of this "stuff" in my opinion. Personally I have never been concerned, but I am concerned about a very short 7 day cruise we are taking in March. Holding breath.
  9. My husband just went to renew his drivers license and we needed more identification for the Real ID than we did for a passport. California though. Bummer state. They even wanted the ORIGINAL Social Security Card--believe that. He had it, miracle of miracles.
  10. My experience, get a Passport. I live in California and I tried to change the license and they gave me a super hard time. I had my correct first name, my name before marriage, and then my last name. This State is impossible though. It is always better to have a passport in my opinion.
  11. Thanks again. Very easy to purchase. They take PayPal.
  12. Can you purchase this hand sanitizer? It is important to have one that kills Noro
  13. Oh my, that is the MOST BEAUTIFUL tour there. The park. I think you were lucky. We go there on that cruise all the time and have done them all.
  14. LOL. yOU HAVE A POINT, unless it is landing, LOL
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