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  1. In my humble opinion, Regent should write to DeSantis and explain the situation. Everyone is correct, cruising can not start safely without the vaccination card or a Vaccine Passport. I understand that some think there are privacy and constitutional issues with a Vaccine Passport, but personally I would feel much safer if we had one issued by Clear or another similar agency so it couldn't be forged.
  2. I correspond with one of the crew, entertainment and he was on the way back to the Voyager today. I don't know where it is going.
  3. You are so completely right. The protocols will be staggering. I personally do not know how the cruise lines have managed to stay afloat. We would love to have a family cruise, but have opted to just go to Hawaii, if they lift the restriction that you must wear a mask on the beach! The fact that there are a lot of people getting vaccine might change some things, but otherwise it looks sad.
  4. I saw that. It is worth the effort? Is it hard? On the other hand, maybe I could just laminate the card?
  5. Oh please, keep me in the loop. I only want to go in November or so, and I have no way of knowing. I had some really expensive cruises paid for when the shutdown came and had a time getting refunds, but would love to book at the last minute if it opens. I am hoping for your September cruise with all of my heart!
  6. I am sorry, I have almost given up on cruising, but long to come back. Could one of you let me know the situation? Is the PG still in service? Or? Recommendations???
  7. Thanks for all your good wishes. Things are looking up!
  8. Happy New Year to all. Especially Keith. Glad to hear you are all right. We have not given up on cruising, but it ill have to return to a pleasant new normal with very few changes. We have used this time to get out of California and move to Prescott, Arizona. Very hard and time consuming, but so worth it. Looking forward to seeing our old friends, but afraid the rules will be too strict this year--maybe 2022! Have a good one.
  9. My reply probably will be from my hystrionic heart! I cancelled and I was big time in need of the money because of my husband's medical condition. It did take over a month--I was hysterical, on this very board. I got the refund about October 10. Not sure now how many days--it was on Amex--and they TOOK IT AWAY because they didn't want a big refund on the books. They did mail a check and I got it a couple of weeks later. OMG, I will never book Silverseas again. No way.
  10. I buy that. Jeff is one "heck" of a guy! I need someone to ground me. He is right, I do have anger. Mostly because I am worn out and there is no reason for them to put me through this. I will survive, and thanks again to you all.
  11. You are so kind and reassuring. I assume you are right. I have never had this happen to me. Generally sail on Regent and they are prompt in circumstances like this. I can't believe the attitude of Silversea. Thanks a million.
  12. No you are not, but I personally don't like to use something that isn't really mine yet. I guess I have to wait until November, or try to charge on Amex. It isn't right what they are doing.
  13. I am in major pain. My original cancellation was quite some time ago. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but now my travel agent said that since I turned it over to American Express for a dispute, Silversea says I have to start all over and it will be 60 to 90 days from NOW. This is truly scam. It is still over a year until the cruise. They should not have the right to deny me my credit which is over $38,000. I do hope anyone who reads this board and this subject thinks twice before paying in full for. a cruise or even depositing on Silversea. My husband needs cancer treatments
  14. Thank you all for your insight. I asked my agent to call Silversea again today. They said they were "pleased that I had deducted the $200 cancellation fee" and would work on refunding my money within 45 WORKING DAYS". OMG, this is unbelievably wrong. They said they were "doing me a favor" and not making the time start over from my original cancellation date. Personally I am very sad. If they truly mean working days, I will be lucky to get it by Halloween unless as some say, Amex has some provision. I did call Amex at their dispute center today and they said they are only handling this b
  15. I don't know exactly what you are saying,. I cancelled a paid in full cruise and waited 30 days, but I did not get a refund, so I filed a dispute with Amex. They said we have to start all over. It has now been closer to two weeks and I don't have a refund from Silverseas. However, I did get a credit (provisional) on my Amex. There is no reason for the cruise line to be holding this up as it is still well over a year until the cruise. I am more than a little nervous as Regent was much more prompt. I have been strongly affected by the fires and my husband's cancer. Having this to worry a
  16. Thank you. Right now it is out of my hands, but if they try to argue with Amex, I will pursue it. I do appreciate this. Wish I had it a week ago
  17. Thank you all. I wish someone knew the name of someone in corporate who might have listened to me dire problem. We are dragging through. Perhaps next week they will choose to contact Amex. Their office is in Monaco! No taxes there! Maybe I can get my money.
  18. Well I hear what you are saying, but mine is not that complicated. I booked LAST YEAR IN OCTOBER and paid IN FULL AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. I did wait 30 days, and communicated my dire circumstances. They are sleazy. No other reason.
  19. When I filed my dispute, I deducted the $200 that they had coming. I just think they are a cheap sleazy outfit, as I think 30 days is enough time to wait for them to just click a button and give me a refund. I have a huge credit now on Amex, but I can charge living expenses. Please, everyone, don't pay so much in advance. It was my bad.
  20. Thank you everyone. Amex did post a credit to my account. However we all know that it is subject to Silversea policy which is 120 days out without penalty. Since it was about a year and a half out, Silversea should have given me my money back, especially when I paid full on booking and especially since I had a really good reason to cancel. They are merciless. I have lots of cruises on them and their parent company.. There was no reason for them to treat me this way. I hope anyone who is thinking of booking THINKS TWICE!
  21. Thanks. I don't know how to get through to him. I did file a dispute with Amex and they are going to credit my account, so I can just charge food and lodging. I don't see any way they can argue my dispute. I cancelled over a year from when the cruise is scheduled. It is just a shame that they are that way. I paid in full at the time I booked the cruise. My bad! They had my almost 39,000 a year with no interest. I would not have asked if I was not in dire need, Her name was Erica Cruz. This speaks poorly of Silversea.
  22. I am so very sad. Had to cancel. a cruise 30 days ago. Trouble with my husband's cancer, and then on top of it having to arrange a place to live because of the fire. Adding to that lost food and clothing. Contacted management with Silversea and they said I had to wait at least another two weeks. I paid in full at the time of booking. Being needy and unable to sustain myself I though that they could refund the cost of the cruise, only to hear "no". Complied with every requirement, in need, I just don't understand. Don't pay in full. You won't get your money back.
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