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  1. I was on the Anthem a few times and they have lots of obstructed balc. All balconies face the ocean but the host really does not understand that the life boat is toward the bottom part of the balcony. You have a good chance of that type of balcony. You still have the ocean air and also the same size as a more $$$$ balc.
  2. I have been on this cruise about 6 times thanks to MCC Retired. Yes, they are having a difficult time selling most cabins for this cruise. Mostly insides. Right now a inside is going for around 725 with a travel agent. I predict maybe going down to 599 or so. Fun cruise with lots and lots going on. If you need advice on excursions let me know. Peggy Cove is the real deal and should not be missed. Thanks MCC Retired for all your help!
  3. Good afternoon, Would anyone have a good map of the table layout of the balcony (2nd. floor) of the Britannia restaurant. Table numbers would be preferred.
  4. I was on the AOS August 24th and took this tour for the second time. I loved the first time and also the second time. It's a nice relaxing tour for the hour ride and has a lovely pier to walk near the bus. I think all 39 people loved it. The lesson you learned was try to take a ship excursion sponsored tour. I remember about 25 years ago I was on the Cunard QE2 and took a sponsored tour. We got lost and bus broke down. We were around 4 hours late to the ship. Ship took a short cut and we went aground. What a pain to get home. Rescue boat, bus, train, taxi, etc.... That was my first cruise and since then had around 60 more. I always read reviews and both Carnival and Holland America this excursion ranks with 4.5 stars out of 5.
  5. That is so true the problem with the parking is PROPARK runs the parking in Red Hook. There was a car race going on in Red Hook so all cars had to be parked by a PROPARK rep. Left keys in car for them since it was a new car and also required to hand over the keys. Upon returning from cruise to retrieve my car the PROPARK rep. informed me he lost my keys. Thank the lord I had a spare key with me. They did find it a few days later.
  6. Rocky123

    World Cup

    Just got off the ship and it was playing on the big screen in illuminations. Very large screen and lots of seating. They will play it in that venue only if England goes forward!!!!!
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