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  1. Hi: Just wanted to clarify something for you. Vibe on the Bliss does not have a grotto or sprinkler area. Vibe is the private for pay area of the Bliss and other ships. (As well as the new Encore). You are thinking of Spice 2O on the Bliss, which is free. That, sadly, no longer exists on the Encore.
  2. I'm sorry to disagree with the majority on here on one aspect of this. First of all, we stopped in both Costa Rica and Acapulco. We enjoyed both ports. However, there isn't much you can do to change things. I find Acapulco and most other parts of Mexico to be extremely safe, as is the case here. People are talking about military style presence with the police. YES! Who cares? Go about and enjoy the absolutely beautiful landscape, scenery and tours. They are there to protect and to look out for the bad guys -- just like they do here in the States, maybe with not as much of an appearance in most areas. I would encourage you to look at the excursions when they come online the NCL website, and I am very sure you will enjoy your port in Acapulco.
  3. We actually decided to take the bonus $50 per port excursion credit instead ($100 total per port). I believe we will be able to find airfare relatively close to the same cost as what NCL was offering....I think 😕 They won't really release schedules/fares until about one year out.
  4. Well, you should definitely consider it. It is 02/15/2021 from Auckland to Sydney. We are SoCal residents as well 🙂
  5. We will be doing a 12 night Auckland to Sydney -- Bucket list cruise for us. Have never been to that part of the World. 🙂
  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely review so far. We were on the Bliss for the Panama Canal in March of this year. Our next cruise will be on the Jewel in February 2021. We are looking forward to trying out the Jewel. Thank you for your insight!
  7. I live here and use LAX a lot (unfortunately. lol). I'm sure any of those options will be fine; however, the worst part right now is getting out of LAX. It is always bad getting out of LAX; however, right now there is construction on the upper level creating even more of a problem. With that said, 8am at LAX is probably one of the best times! October 11th is a Friday, so you will expect traffic on the freeways. I would collect your luggage, call the Uber/Lyft and get down to the San Pedro Port. If you call the Uber at 8:45, you should expect to reasonably arrive around 9:45.
  8. I think food tastes are so specific to each and every person; however, I ate at all of those restaurants on my Bliss cruise in April of this year. I loved every single one of them (food and service). They were all so different and unique. We sat outside at Ocean Blue and La Cucina, and they were lovely experiences. I can't say I had a bad item at any of those five.
  9. We cruised the Bliss in April of this year. We had a good meal and great service at Cagney's; however, I'm sure it varies from time to time. For your birthday, are you looking to celebrate with a group, or just maybe 2 or 4 people? One of our best meals and best service was in Ocean Blue. We had a server (Hazel) who was just amazing.
  10. I agree. In this situation, it is definitely better to rent a car. There are some trains that go to San Diego; however, the pick-up point would be Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. It would be best just to rent a car.
  11. Yes, reservations were available as soon as you boarded the ship in the Social; however, not available online prior to the cruise. The Silent Disco did have a standby line; however, it did not appear many people got accepted through the standby line.
  12. Glad you had a great time Karen. Thanks for the tip on the NCL App.
  13. That does sound very interesting. I would love to see the older locks.
  14. I would definitely say that the age level was probably an average of about 55; however, we still had an amazing time. There are 4,000+ people, so you will always find people that will be along (or not) with your beliefs and values. We had no problem finding people that were very open minded.
  15. Everything is fine people. This affected a very minimal number of people, and this is something that can happen anywhere. It may have occurred off the ship or it may have occurred on the ship. This is a risk that you take while vacationing or being anywhere in public. NCL does an amazing job at trying there best to get you to be clean and germ free by providing hand sanitizer stations everywhere, public restrooms everywhere, and even sinks at the entrance to the buffets. Like some other people have said, some people just sadly ignore the requests of the crew members to sanitize, which is sad and unfortunate. Enjoy your vacation everyone, and do not worry.
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