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  1. bishwah

    majesty 8/19

    Thank You I Agree With You Totaly
  2. bishwah

    majesty 8/19

    bermuda is great we have many friends there we go 2 times a year but we usually fly do to passport requirments (ours have not yet arrived) we decided to cruise. weve been to many islands but bermuda is my fav
  3. bishwah

    majesty 8/19

    Hi I am not complaining about kids on board I am saying they allow them to hang out along the corridors where the rooms are sitting on the floor running back and forth in front of my room an others all hours of the night
  4. bishwah

    majesty 8/19

    Hi we just returned from bermuda on the majesty out of boston may I say we must of had the worst room on board norway deck room 961 the noise was constant all night long my ta booked this room for me. i should of took a gauranty. Also dissapointed in the way the teenagers are allowed to hang around in the hall ways late at night. We are smokers and were not told about the new smoking policies either. been on this ship twice before an had a great time, this time not so great.:(
  5. bishwah

    Majesty Sunday

    thank so much am looking forward to going
  6. bishwah

    Majesty Sunday

    HI we are sailing on the majesty on sunday i have few questions we did sail on her in 2001 but i seem to forget things:o what time should we arrive at peir we are 1 hr away will our rrom be ready? will my cell phone work? should i get a calling card? how do I get the niumber for the ship in case of emergency? do we go strait to crossroads to set up account when we board? Parden my spelling am in a hurry:) one more thing do es anyone think this tropical depression will affect my trip:mad: thanks everyone