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  1. thanks for the answer! appreciate the varying opinions - will probably complete my purchase of the stock. I'll have to consider all the options when pricing out. Sometimes where it looks like a discount is available isn't always that great of a deal with interline benefits. I find that often with car rentals.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew if traveling on an interline rate (I'm a flight attendant) - is the CCL shareholder benefit applied to sailings? Or because it is a reduced fare it wouldn't qualify... I haven't bought all the stock yet but am in the process of getting my 100. and I have a cruise booked for November (I know the concern for Covid. But my husband and I are both in high risk fields and we feel comfortable making the reservation at this point. The way my airplanes are sanitized compared to how they used to be and how I relate it to how much the staff clean the ship -
  3. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to order things on Amazon and have delivered to the port to pick up on embarkation day. Trying to figure out how to bring my mom's bottled water and diet coke and thought I'd avoid all issues of packing/hauling if I could have Amazon pantry take care of the hassle.
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