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  1. For many past Celebrity cruises we have taken, I have reserved Select Dining times on the Celebrity website prior to sailing. For our June Reflection cruise, I have been trying to do this and can’t find any way to do it on their website. Is it still somehow possible?
  2. We have gone to St John frequently while stopping in St Thomas on a cruise. With your time in port being 8 to 5, I would reconsider. You would need to be off the ship at 8 to get a cab to get to Red Hook for the 9 AM ferry. If you miss that, the next one is not until 10 AM. With the ship leaving at 5, you would need to be on the 3 PM ferry back to Red Hook. Taxi between the port and Red Hook is approx $10 pp, so that is $40 round trip. The ferry is approx $14 pp round trip and taxi to Trunk Bay is another$10 pp. so transportation for the day is approx $90 plus there is a small entrance
  3. You really don’t have enough time to get there from St Thomas. In the future, look for a cruise that has Tortola as a port stop. Then it would be easy to go to the Baths on Virgin Gordy and both Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar Br on Jost Van Dyke. White Bay is gorgeous. We vacation on St John annually and have visited BVI quite a few times.
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