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  1. If you find it helpful, you can send me the money. Seriously though, you can leave a bit extra at the end of the cruise. I imagine out of all the cabins the stewards are assigned, there are at least two or three cabins that look like a tornado went through every day so I'm sure they appreciate the folks who don't live like slobs.
  2. I don't understand why passengers, who are on vacation, feel a need to get into the management of the ship. Cabin stewards probably do get more cabins to service because of the once a day routine. Of course, with the increase in the number of cabins the stewards gets assigned, the tips are increased also (their portion of the standard tips debited to your account plus the amount of money most of us leave at the end). So, more money for them. If, as some imply, the work load is horrible, why then do they have people lining up to join the cruiseline? Bottomline, if you feel you're being abu
  3. I've become very used to the evening turn-down but my world will continue to rotate with making a choice between morning or evening cleaning. We'll pick morning for cleaning and ask the steward for towels only in the evening. Just the two of us normally and if we trash the room during the day, we have bigger problems than getting turn-down service. BTW, this isn't the first thread to talk about this and, frankly, I'm surprised someone hasn't posted threats (with the gnashing of teeth) to lower tips because the workload of the stewards as decreased. I don't buy it. Carnival will find with
  4. I'm 99% sure the balcony cabins use chairs have arms and about 80% sure about the Dining Room. As CruisingGuy said, just contact Guest Services for an alternative if needed. I know on one on my cruises, they have a lounger out there (Cove balcony) and that was great. Hasn't happened since though.
  5. GAWD...don't let the conspiracy people going!
  6. I'm a fan of the Dream class of which Magic is a member. They're large but not as big as RCCL's mega-ships so fairly easy to find places you're looking for. I'm a huge fan of the Cove balcony cabins. My wife tends to get a bit seasick at times and I like balconies. So, the Cove works as they're on Deck 2 and we snag a cabin in the middle. Being low and in the middle of the ship minimizes any movement. You do have to study the deck plans because a lot of the Coves are under the kitchen and it tends to get a bit noisy at times (but not enough to keep me awake). The ship has Guy's Burgers
  7. I cruise really just to be on the ocean. Carnival is the least expensive option to do that (normally). I've never had any issues on a Carnival ship and have never seen a fight between guests that are popular videos on YouTube. I like the food in both the MDR and the choices on the Lido. The crew is fantastic and the cabins are large. I could afford to go on a Cunard (another Carnival brand) cruise but I think I would find it too formal for me (especially in the evening). I always have an eye on a RCCL cruise but, so far, Carnival is my first choice in cruising.
  8. The website only shows ten cabins on each deck for the type of cabin you need. There may be 40 cabins available but still, only 10 show up. Been that way for years. One reason you have to have a PVP or a TA.
  9. A couple of incidents come to mind. The first one happened on our R/T from San Diego to Hawaii (my favorite by far). We were about two days out of San Diego when our son called us on the cabin phone unexpectantly. He knew what ship we were on and he called Carnival corporate and told them he needed to contact us because our beloved greyhound passed away in his sleep. Carnival, in Miami, contacted the ship and made the connection with us in our cabin. Unfortunately, during this sad call, it was dropped after about five minutes. I called the ship's customer service and they got the call go
  10. You are correct that some vaccinated people are catching COVID but I also understand the patients don't even have to be admitted to a hospital because the effects are muted. What I'm a bit worried about is the mutation from India. I read yesterday that 30% of the people who caught it in Great Britain had received the vaccine but still got very sick. It seems to be a gift that keeps giving. I've lost faith in the CDC and the news media so who really knows? My wife and I received the vaccine (good news, I didn't grow a third ear). We are very comfortable not wearing a mask (unless the busi
  11. I bought a Fire HD 10 a couple of weeks ago and downloaded Google Play in abut five minutes (and I'm not a geek). There are plenty of How-to's on YouTube.
  12. I wouldn't cancel your cruise. The CDC has stated approval for the vaccine for kids under 12 won't be until the fall. They also stated the chances of kids spreading the virus is very slim. I would think the ccruise lines will take that into consideration.
  13. I'm a Plat but have never been in a suite. Regardless, I don't care about the baggage thang. It isn't like I'm pacing my cabin waiting breathlessly for them to arrive. I'm usually on the Lido eating as soon as we board. I do like the "VIP" line but my life will continue if they do away with it. But, they better not do away with my free laundry!
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