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  1. I'm on a very strict diet due to a heart attack experienced several years ago. Do you all think a double-double cheeseburger and a double order of fries would have any impact?
  2. I'm not going to say I'm not sure who is dumber; the wife (who I'm sure was just as drunk as her husband) who reportedly didn't notice he wasn't with her or the husband drinking himself into oblivion on his Honeymoon night. I'm not going to say the wife isn't playing with a full deck because she didn't think he was drunk after ten drinks.
  3. That might be it. I hate those grayed areas on the deck plans. Who knows what it could be. I just stay away from them.
  4. Not sure what cabin number you were in but assuming the very front you have cabins above you and below you is the main lounge. Actually the lounge is just aft of you.
  5. That's a great and refreshing attitude. You might be surprised how many people put a hate on a cruise line when they have to divert because of weather. Regardless, if you miss Bermuda on this cruise you have an excuse to go on a second one. It is a beautiful destination.
  6. I would tell her there are literally thousands of men and women working 24/7 to make us safe...the CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and all branches of the military. Security today is nothing like it was back in 2011. Tell he that and then let her make her own decision.
  7. And why is it the passenger's problem? They're spending good money for a cruise and aren't onboard to manage staffing.
  8. And this is the reason why Carnival is giving you a choice. A lot of people like to sleep in and the last thing they need is the steward knocking on their door at 8:00AM to clean. Unfortunately, Carnival didn't bring this program out very well and there were reports of some cabin stewards trying to game the system by telling guests it was an either/or but not both proposition.
  9. It's really a gamble. Don't even think about being late to reboard and miss the ship. If you do an excursion make it a Carnival excursion as the ship will wait for you. If you miss the ship for whatever reason you won't be a "man without a country" but having a passport will certainly speed things along.
  10. When they first got rid of the tablecloths except for the "formaI" nights I was devastated and had to receive counseling for a bit. Some here reported the water condensation from drinking glasses was a problem but there weren't any reported drownings in the MDR so I guess they figured out how to deal with it. Honestly, the way most of us dress for dinner makes tablecloths look out of place.
  11. Slightly off topic. My wife is Filipino born in Hawaii and spent years in Virginia. She might be the only Filipino with a Southern accent. We tend to get Filipinos for the wait staff and it cracks me up. While they fawn all over her I'm usually just the white guy who happens to be at the table. I love it though...I'm the cruise addict in the family and I think she agrees to go with me just to get the extra attention.
  12. I like using email because then there is a record in case of any disagreements.
  13. I'll be more excited if they schedule some Hawaiian cruises on her.
  14. If you want total privacy I would go "Anytime Dining" and ask for a small booth (they're actually for four people). Tell the people who are checking you in that this is your 50th Anniversary cruise.
  15. I've always thought the tip was just an expense added to the cost of the trip so as far as we're concerned it is never removed unless we're given truly horrendous service (will never happen). We tip extra throughout the cruise (bartenders, drink servers and room service folks) and if we're happy with our cabin steward we tip extra at the end. We also tip our MDR team extra on the last night (again, assuming we receive the same stellar service as usual). Bottom line...the base tip is never adjusted downward.
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