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  1. grandmato4

    Do you swim in the ship's pool????

    Always use the pool and hot tub :)
  2. grandmato4

    Would you pay....

    No I wouldn't pay extra for it. Its doesn't lessen my cruise experience but neither does it make me happy. Its simply a cruise tradition for me that I enjoy a shrimp cocktail every night that I'm on a cruise and its another tradition, no matter how small, that I won't be doing anymore if sailing on Carnival.
  3. grandmato4

    Why do some only take cruise vacations???`

    We've found we like taking a vacation to a warm destination in February to get out of our cold winter weather for two weeks. A cruise vacation for this time of year fits what we wish to do perfectly and fits within our budget. We love the relaxation of being on a cruise ship with a variety of things to do and see if we wish to do them OR we can choose to just relax on a lounge chair all day and soak up the sun and do nothing at all. We often add some additonal days in our port city to either or both our precruise or post cruise vacation time. Cruising has allowed us to visit 15 different countires and get to taste a bit of each of them. Several of them we have visted more then once. Without cruising that would never have happened. We still enjoy another kind of vacation at other times of the year occasionally but our cruise vacations are our favorite vacations for our vacation dollars.
  4. Loved your review, Thanks ! We sail on the Inspiration Nov 14th so it was nice to read about your cruise.
  5. grandmato4

    San Pedro from a San Pedran

    So where in walking distance (don't mind a good walk) from the CP would you locals go to watch the Superbowl and enjoy some good food and drinks?
  6. I am sorry to hear you didn't understand when you booked your cruise from Acapulco to FLL. Since the majority of your day will be spend traveling through the canal you are only sceduled to be docked in Colon for a few hours in the evening. Most of the tours in Panama are lengthy and would not be possible with the limited amount of hours you are docked in Colon.
  7. grandmato4

    E-cigs on Carnival?

    [quote name='popsec'] As for those who say they should only be allowed in smoking areas, hogwash!....there's no smell, no smoke....and you'd never know I was using one unless you happened to see the vapor.[/quote] Couldn't have said that better popsec :) Considering the great amount of controversary cigarette smoke causes for those that cruise (be they smokers or non-smokers) e-cigs are a wonderful way to put that controversary to an end and make both sides of the issue happy. IMHO the e-cig really needs to be called by another name to distinquish it apart from "cigarettes" as it really is very different but for many people simply hearing the name "electronic cigarette" allows them to assume it has all the same negatives that cigarettes possess when in fact it does not.
  8. grandmato4

    E-Cig onboard

    Sitting here vaping my Fuzzy Navel e-juice on my Joye 510 PT while reading through this thread :) Always interesting to read people's opinions of Electronic Cigarettes since so many people have never seen one and know very little about them. I've been enjoying mine for 4 weeks now. My original reason for purchasing one was to use it as an alternative to smoking sometimes, especially while cruising. I quickly found that I no longer desired to smoke traditional cigarettes any longer and much preferred to vape.:) It can take some time to find the model of e-cig that works best for you and also time to find what you consider the best flavors. We're all a little different as far as those two things go.
  9. grandmato4

    Electronic Cigarettes and Cruising

    [quote name='jlb1484']Try Fire and Ice from VaporBomb it has become my favorite most satisfying flavor. All my other flavors are gathering dust. Where did you get the mango from? [/quote] I love the Mango and the Strawberry Mango and have gotten both of them from Vermont Vapor.
  10. grandmato4

    Electronic Cigarettes and Cruising

    [quote name='rmvst']I got my e-cig on Friday. It's now Sunday and it's going well. I have not quit smoking "regular" cigarettes yet. But for someone who was smoking a pack a day for 20+ years, I am now smoking 3 cigarettes a day. One in the am, one in the afternoon, and one before bed. I know it's only been three days since I've started, but for me 3 cigarettes a day is like a "miracle". Wish me luck everyone. Rita[/quote] Wishing you good luck! :) I've had my e-cigerette for 15 days and I love it ! I didn't buy mine to specifically quit all reg cigerettes but that is exactly what has happened.:) I wish I'd started using an e-cig months ago !
  11. grandmato4

    Airline Prices/Discounts

    [quote name='greatam']This is a fallacy. The CHEAPEST tickets will have already been sold by the time WN releases their schedule and prices. It is WN's business model.[/quote] The cheapest tickets "may have" been already sold. But also possible they "may not" have been sold. It's not possible to give a single blanket statement to if they have or have not for all routes. Case in point, on the routes I was watching for this coming Feb so I could make an apples to apples comparision the cheapest fares on a legacy carrier did not appear until after Jet Blue opened their fares for Feb and cheap rates again on a legacy carrier showed up a couple weeks later when Southwest opened their fares for the same dates. No, this does not always happen, but the fact is that it does happen sometimes.
  12. grandmato4

    JJ Tour Guide

    We toured with J.J. in Feb 2009 and had a wonderful day in Costa Rica and really enjoyed our tour. We are returning to Costa Rica again in Feb of 2011 and will again be enjoying a day with J.J. as our tour guide.
  13. grandmato4

    Check who your tour is with in Panama!

    [quote name='canadarocks']I would also appreciate any info you can share about your Costa Rica tour, ie a website or email address for JJ Tours. I would love to have the animal experiences that you describe!! :)[/quote] Here is J.J.'s website [URL]http://jjcostarica.bravehost.com/tour.html#4[/URL] We toured with him in 2009 and had a wonderful day and will tour with him again when we are in Costa Rica again in 2011.
  14. grandmato4

    Carry on/Check in??? With a difference!

    As far as your question about needing more space for purchases the first time you visit a port vs additional visits there is no set answer for us. Sometimes I need more space on future visits to a port than on the first ;) Sometimes we purchase nothing no matter how many times we revisit the same port. When packing for a cruise I always make sure I do have extra space when we pack to leave so I do have room for whatever we decide to return home with. Even if its not much, we always bring home more than what we left with !:D I don't think of ourselves as overpackers and we learned a long time ago we don't need all those things that some classify as "in case we we need them" items. If its gone on a cruise with us twice and we never used it its not going on a future cruise with us ;) with only a few exceptions. Example being our travel umbrella. Only needed it on a few occasions but were glad to have had it when we needed it. Same goes for a few medicines/personal care items we always take. No clothing is packed that we don't intend to wear at least twice. I do like options so I pack lots of mix and match type clothing that gives us lots of options when its time to get dressed. But with that said, we're going on vacation and I have no desire to see how few things we can take either. We each check one bag with the airlines and always have one carryon bag when we leave home. Most often the second possible carryon bag is neatly folded up inside one of the checked bags to use when we return home. We do usually use it but not always and not always because we've added so much to our luggage to return with but just because its easier and not a big deal to us either way. Most of the time we're flying on airlines without a luggage fee for at least the first checked bag pp but when we are flying on an airline with a checked baggage fee we simply consider it part of the cost of the ticket. If our finances were so tight that we couldn't afford to check a piece of luggage then we shouldn't be spending all that money to take a cruise IMHO. For us, as far as convenince goes, we're on vacation, we don't fly to our port city the same day as our cruise. The few extra minutes it takes to check in our luggage and retrieve it from baggage claim is no big deal to us. If we really wanted to do carryon luggage only for a cruise we'd leave home with the carryon only and a lightweight folded bag for possible use coming home packed inside the carryon. IF I needed it coming home then I'd check the one bag come home and use the extra bag I'd taken as a carryon returning home. Short Business trips I only do carryon. Time is often of importance and I need everything in the carryon and can't afford to have that piece of luggage go wandering without me for a day or two.:eek: I know I'm not returning with more than I left with so carryon only works very well.
  15. grandmato4

    To TA or not to TA.....

    If you need a TA or not really depends upon the person. Especially for a first timer a good TA can be be a great help in answering questions and dealing with the cruiseline if there are any problems, changes, issues that come up. Yes, it is true that once you have booked thought a TA the cruiseline will not speak to you about your booking and all questions/changes will have to go through your TA. The major advantage of using a TA vs booking directly though the cruiseline is the OBC and/or extras you may receive from the TA that you won't get directly through the cruiseline. If you do use a TA just be sure you do know and understand any fees that TA may have for cancelling, making changes, ect. to your booking BEFORE you do book with them. Be sure yo know and understand their policy on price reductions if you do see any and call to request them. Really important to be sure you are comfortable with the TA and feel that they really do know what they are doing. A good TA is great and worth booking through IMHO but a bad TA is a disaster;). I've done it both ways. I really like having control over my own booking and don't have a problem paying a bit more than I might pay if I booked through a TA. On the other hand there are times that I've gotten a really nice price reduction through the TA and as long as that TA knows what they are doing and is easy to work with I'm ok with that too. Good Luck and hope you enjoy your first cruise !:)