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  1. Thanks to everyone who answered my question. Thanks also for the fun comments. It was my husband's title. He loves when people get his humor.
  2. My husband was wondering if the Crown Princess serves prune juice? If not, does anyone know of a store close to the pier in Fort Lauderdale where he could buy some and take aboard?
  3. Thank you, Paula_MacFan, for your help on finding the excursion information. Including the picture was very helpful. I checked an excursion and was able to check all the information. Thanks again.
  4. On the new Princess excursion website, they have removed much of the information such as whether or not there are restrooms. It used to be on the left side, but I can't find it there any more. I have a cruise booked for 2020, but the excursion information is not as detailed as before. I sent a comment to Princess about this, but haven't heard anything. If anyone knows the trick of how to find out excursion information such as restrooms, how much time between stops, and how many steps, please let me know.
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