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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but if it's just the charms you're after, I dont think you have to go to the talk. Most ports, they'll hand you a shopping guide as you're getting off, and it'll include the free charm ad. And also, some diamonds internationals don't even check- you just ask for your free charm and they hand it to you. At least, that has been my experience in picking up the charms for others I've sailed with. I'm not that invested in it, so I'd never go to the shopping talk
  2. Being an under planner can lead to big time problems as well. We all have our personalities, and need to find ways to live with ourselves. I was just tossing out what I would do in a similar situation- OP can take it or leave it. And I'm sure it'll all be fine once they get on the ship
  3. A few possibilities. Maybe they extend a port. Maybe it becomes Port Canaveral. Maybe it becomes a sea day. We all know Freeport would like to be open as soon as possible, but who knows when that'll be. I'm a planner too, possibly an overplanner. If I were you, I'd be researching things to do in all the options. Maybe you plan something special if it becomes an extra sea day. Look at Port Canaveral excursions. Look at plans for something to do if you get a longer day in one of your ports. Ultimately, I don't even have a guess as to what they will do, but that's my tip on how to handle your nervousness/excitement. Be as prepared as possible for any possibility- and maybe you'll book another cruise to go back and do some of the extra fun stuff you found.
  4. We normally sail in the offseason, and on the Sunshine, we didn't find ourselves waiting long for much- that includes the waterslides. The longest I ever waited for a slide was maybe 10 minutes- but I tend to let obviously nervous kids go in front of me, so they can go before they talk themselves out of it. The way waterworks is designed, it never looks like kids are waiting for anything- there's always another water feature to head to. Any ship I've been on, the kids look like they're forever running around that area anyways.
  5. This is funny- nice try grand daughter! I read your original post yesterday and was hoping she was scared and would get over it once she got on the ship and started having a good time. But what is the boyfriend going to do if something happens on the ship? LOL. Maybe it's a good thing she's a bad liar, she wont be able to get away with much :-)
  6. Depending on the setup, could you turn the couch to face the wall?
  7. purplephenom

    De Palm Island

    Has anyone done Snuba here? We're interested in adding it, but hope it isn't too time consuming with a lot of hurry up and wait. Has anyone tried the jumping thing here? Is it mostly kids or are adults also welcome? Once you've had a drink is that it for you in the water? I read something about wristbands but I wasn't sure
  8. Can you let me know if you find this star? We're not Red Sox fans, but we have done our share of looking for signs of baseball players in Curacao (funny story, many of the locals saw my player tshirt and wanted to talk about a bigger named guy from our team who wasn't from there). We'd love to find the star and take a picture
  9. How much more expensive are these things than just a drink?
  10. The difference for me, is at a hotel towels seem to dry a little better and I can reuse them. Also, generally, more room to hang things. Cruising is a little different for me. But if they went to once a day, I’d probably look into brining hooks or something and adapt. Because I’m very clumsy and would pretty much be sure to trip over towels in the way.
  11. For me, it’s really swapping out the towels. And I’ll usually mention as much- twice a day, but at night all we need is changing out the towels. We book inside cabins and I’ve been known to take 3 showers a day (usually 2 but sometimes 3). I’ve yet to come up with a good place to put the old towels. The bathrooms are small so I don’t like a towel mountain on the floor. We tend to use the hook in the cabin to dry things. And we can only hang so many in the bathroom without squishing them so tight that they’d stay soaking wet. So it works for us- if they ever went to once a day service, we’d probably pick evening just to reduce the amount of time we had a towel mountain. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world
  12. You’re just asking about game day, not full Mlb tv right? If you can get past the initial loading screen, maybe. You’ll probably have better luck going to Astros.com and using game day there. There’s a much streamed down version (I think it’s still there) that uses far less data to load. It skips all the animations from using the app but gets you the plays
  13. I don't have a specific ship. But, I think if I hated an experience that much, I'd be done with Carnival. Mainly because in my experience, the ships are more similar than different.
  14. Not really. I just like peeking on nearby ships to see if there are people having fun and what they're doing. The only thing that stands out- on our last cruise we were next to a small, upscale ship. When I got home, I looked it up, I think it was a line based out of Europe. I did my usual peeking over to see what was going on- and my only thought was 'I don't belong anywhere near this ship." People were dressed up to hang out on their balconies- sundresses, fancy sunhats, and heels. People on the top deck were also dressed up and looking around with binoculars while primly sitting in loungers. Now, that was a 5 minute snapshot- maybe they were all getting ready for dinner. Or maybe the more active people were still in port. I have no clue and it really doesn't matter anyhow. But that was the only thing that really stood out when we saw a neighboring ship
  15. I was really worried this past February after sailing the Sunshine last year (which I absolutely loved). This year, we did the Fascination. I don't know about rust and dirt and stuff- i'm kind of oblivious when it comes to that stuff. I did notice a lack of planned activities. But, I think a lot of things happened when we were in port. That itinerary is pretty unique, and I'll always pick more port time over ship activities. I started off the week saying I'm never doing this type of ship again, it's too small. As the week went on, I realized I never really waited in line for anything. And I could get back on the ship and have my pick of lounge chairs. And the piano bar was never full, even though the player was great. And getting food after getting back on the ship was easy- everyone was starving but hardly a wait to get food. By the end of the week, I was ready to book that route again.
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