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  1. cassrebecca

    Victor Bodden Tour

    Victor will take you anywhere you want to go!! They will suggest things to do as well. Victor has his own monkeys and you can go in with them and hold them. I have used him three times.
  2. cassrebecca

    Cruise docs

    I have found that there really is no right answer. Sometimes my edoc are available one or two days after final payment......sometime a week or more....this time they showed up about a month ago for my Dec 13th cruise. I know if you use a TA or online booking it takes a little longer. Good Luck!
  3. cassrebecca

    Best Towel Animal Ever

    We had one of those last year on the Dream....It scared the heck out of me when I walked in the room!! At first glance I thought it was a person!!
  4. cassrebecca


    We usually let the service charge ride and tip a little extra for good service. I find that if I tip the stewards five dollars on the first day....I always have ice, clean towels and towel animals everyday!!
  5. cassrebecca

    Tapas Bar on Jewel/Gem/Pearl ?

    They do!! not free like the Sun though. It is a charge restaurant $10. Good Margaritas!!
  6. cassrebecca

    Being THANKFUL we can Cruise!

    Thanks for the reminder :D
  7. not a problem. He can give his credit card when he checks in prior to boarding. Have a great cruise!!!
  8. cassrebecca

    VIP Embarkation -Miami

    [quote name='flifish']Does anyone have recent experiences with in last year concerning Miami? I assume you arrive surrender your bags with a tip and then go into a big chaotic room to fill out a health form. After that you search for ...boarding line/ x-raymachines... then start looking for the suite line. Is that a line or do they just automatically take to to a waiting room with refreshments until they take you to an agent? If anyone can give an idea of how much time is the wait once you fill out the health forms before you can get to the room? I'm sure the rooms will be ready by the time we board. Any insights are welcomed pls. Mainly just wondering if we will miss out on some of our paid for perks by waiting too long in the wrong line. i saw threads on this, but saw nothing very recent about Miami ViP embarkation. Are they any better about pointing VIP's to the correct area? Thanks so much[/quote] We always arrive early to avoid lines. The rooms are usually ready between 1230 and 100. Once you do the health form and check in we are escorted to the VIP section for boarding. Hope this helps...have a great cruise!!
  9. cassrebecca

    Newbie NCL Questions Please!

    Hi all, I am a newbie to NCL but we are looking at booking a fairly last minute cruise for January 2010. I have done a fair bit of searching (have read the entire tips thread at the top of the board also) but I still have some questions please and will most likely have lots more to come so here goes :) 1. We sailed RCCL and Celebrity before and on their ships some cabins (within the same categories) are better than others, ie one or two might have larger balconies / bigger cabins etc etc - are there any of these 'secret' cabins on NCL Jade?? - We're looking at booking one of the balcony / mini-suite categories most likely so just wondering if any are better over others? Mini's are slightly bigger 2. I've read that discounts may be had for people who have casino cards - DH (and I) have casino cards for some of the casinos in Vegas (some well used too I might add:eek::D ) BUT,, it's a few years since we were there.... would these be any good for getting discounts. Can't help you with that one 3. Another cabin question - is there any kind of 'curtain' that can be pulled between the bed and seating area in the cabins? - Will have DS with us and would be brilliant if there was - DH said he read somewhere that there was but I can't find anything? Mini suites do I'm sure I will have loads more questions when I start looking more (we've only just 'found' this cruise so we need to get booked asap and get flights etc organised so any help would be gratefully appreciated. Oh, one more - what is the earliest time they usually let you board. I know with RCCL / X they say boarding is at 2pm but we always got to board earlier - is it the same with NCL? Thanks all Have a great cruise!!
  10. cassrebecca

    New to cruisecritic

    Hi Teddy, A meet and greet is a get together on the ship with members of cruise critic that are in your roll call. We usually have ours on the first sea day. It gives everyone a chance to say hello. We play games at ours and bring little gifts from our area to exchange with other members...refreshments are served and Officers from the ship usually come to say hello, answer questions and tell you a little bit about themselves Have you gone into the roll call section yet? If not go to Boards then scroll down to roll calls, click NCL then find your ship and your departure date....go in and say hello to everyone!!!
  11. cassrebecca

    NCL changes fares in mid reservation

    I find booking online is always cheaper than booking directly with NCL. I use my union discount and am a lattitudes memeber. I never book directly with NCL.
  12. I have to agree about Cagney's!! Never done Teppanyaki's. Did enjoy the beef dish as shi shi (i think that is the name). Have a great cruise
  13. cassrebecca

    Online check in

    We always do it right away so it is done and over with!! As long as you have all your information. Have a great cruise!!:D
  14. cassrebecca

    Fun Friday Poll: Favorite NCL drink?

    [quote name='ZoneHPH'][B][SIZE=7][COLOR=red]Rebellious Fish!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [COLOR=blue]...and the cool bowl they serve it in![/COLOR][/quote] I am with you on that one!!!! Love 'em!!!:D
  15. cassrebecca

    Might have to cancel

    So glad to hear it!!! Congrats!!!!