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  1. We're in the US and received our port tax refund and cruise fare refund, both showing from Azamara Club Cruises on our credit card statement. We were on the April 5 Pursuit.
  2. We were booked on April 5 Pursuit. We are in the US and booked direct with Azamara. I requested a refund on March 15. At that time, I was told we would have our refund by April 30. On May 6, we received refund of port taxes. TODAY! (5/15 finally), we received refund of cruise fare paid. I was told the trip protection ($318) will be processed this Sunday and should show up on my card within 10 days. Honestly, my patience was wearing thin so I'm happy this finally came through. I hope others start seeing their refunds soon as I know it gets frustrating after a w
  3. I called today and we are planning to book this cruise for December 2020.
  4. Of course we're not getting a double refund. I don't think I implied that at all.
  5. I hope so! As a follow up... I was connected to "the supervisor". We had a nice conversation and she explained why our reservation had the error when cancelling (I kind of feel like it was an excuse, but could have been valid). Regardless, while we were on the phone, she promised that she sent our situation to Accounting Escalation and is hopeful something happens within 48 business hours. She has an agent watching our situation that will call me as soon as she sees movement or no later than Tuesday. I have to say, she was very re-assuring and I will give it until then to see what
  6. Our experience.... (We booked directly with Azamara and we are in the U.S.) We were booked on April 5 Pursuit. Azamara cancelled on March 14. I called on March 15 to request refund. I was told refund would be issued on April 30. On March 30, I received a FCC (100%, not 125%). I called immediately and told them that I had requested a refund. They said it was a mistake and they would change it to refund. On April 15, I followed up and was told my refund would be processed on April 30. There would be 2 refunds...one for port taxes and the other for cruise
  7. Thank you. I just saw on my roll call that someone received the letter. I didn't, so I'm still not receiving all correspondence. No problem, as long as I see it is now confirmed. I also saw the new advisory, but no link to cancel for refund. Will we need to call?
  8. Bonnie, can you confirm that the April 5 Pursuit is cancelled? I have not received a confirmation. I was reading this article https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241196726.html and it does list Azamara under the Royal Caribbean section as being included. However, when I click on the link to start the refund process, it takes me to this page https://rccloffer.questionpro.com/ to begin. After clicking "I accept" and next, it only shows Celebrity and Royal Caribbean as options for refunds. How do Azamara passengers start the refund proce
  9. I'm still not finding where this is posted with Azamara listed. Cn you please provide your link? Thank you. Never mind, I found it!
  10. I agree to a point. Yes, too many changes happening rapidly. But, when the first announcement came for US departures to cancel, Azamara chose to try to re-work the only US departure that they had. We’re on the April 5 from MIAMI and we STILL do not have confirmation of cancellation.
  11. We're eagerly awaiting information regarding our April 5 cruise, Pursuit leaving MIAMI. If the company agreed to stop US departures for 30 days, I do think it's not quite right to take the Pursuit somewhere else to embark (Nassau was mentioned in another post as a possibility). Or, I'm wondering if they are going to delay our sailing until April 12, but then we miss over half our cruise and who know where we'll go or end up. I know things are chaotic right now, but trying to figure some way to keep this cruise going seems to add to the chaos. Just cancel it (as agreed to, no US departures) and
  12. Thank you, Bonnie. I have been receiving all other correspondence, just never this last one. I will contact the Loyalty team.
  13. This is going to be a long weekend, waiting for our "deployment" information. I am on this sailing and did not receive this letter (I did receive one a couple of hours ago about boarding procedures). How can I be sure to receive correspondence without relying on getting it here?
  14. An hour ago, I received an e-mail from Azamara regarding our April 5 sailing from MIAMI. No mention of cancellation. 🙄 You might receive this email more than once because we are reaching out to all of your contact methods on file. Dear Azamara Guest, We have important updates regarding your upcoming Azamara vacation departing on April 5th, 2020 aboard Azamara Pursuit®. We're sure you've been monitoring the news regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). This situation remains quite fluid, and we continue to assess the impact and monitor the number of cases around the world. W
  15. kent4489


    Yes, an hour ago we received the same e-mail regarding our April 5, departing from Miami. There aren't supposed to be any ships sailing from the US until April 11. I wonder if they're planning to have us leave from somewhere else?
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