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  1. I called - they are unable to book Tuscan as well. The rep wasn't even able to see it as an option. I guess I'll periodically look?
  2. Tuscan Grille doesn't appear anywhere as a specialty restaurant option for my cruise on December 28, 2020. It's not mentioned on the dining tab, on the specialty dining page, or for dining reservations. Does this mean Tuscan is fully booked? Is it a glitch? Is it going away? Does anyone else see Tuscan as an option on a future cruise around that time?
  3. So are we! I originally booked it because it *wasn't* the first cruise post refurb. I guess we're in the same boat?
  4. Oh hey, small world! We live in SW Michigan - near the Indiana border. I'm originally from the Ann Arbor area and my husband is from a little town just west of Marine City.
  5. Apparently we're now the first sailing of the refurbished Silhouette. Anyone else going? Thoughts on if the ship will be done in time?
  6. Wow, yeah, with new cruisers you'll have your hands full, but a family vacation sounds good. We went to Alaska with my parents and brother last year. It was a mix of group and couples activities (parents have been on a ship before). It was a nice way of spending time with them without needing to do everything together all the time. By day 6 your group will get the hang of it 😉 We literally have nothing planned, except maybe a lunch spot in Key West, but even that is just a "well see". It makes me a little nervous, but at the same time it's also very freeing (usually I have everyth
  7. Yep, just us two. We've gone with and without friends in the past - both are fun but for different reasons. Friends - just a good time with people you already know but usually requires coordination. Just together - it's like summer camp, you get to meet new people and do whatever you want for vacation. If I don't feel like getting of the boat, I don't need to! 😉 Is it your extended family or like just immediate?
  8. Well that's cool! It should be a good time. The G&L boards for Celebrity seem to be hit or miss depending on the cruise. Is everyone from Canada going on this sailing?
  9. My husband and I just booked - who else is going to be there?
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