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  1. Thank you Tfencer2....I feel better already.....Really excited about seeing this beautiful new ship
  2. Hi Everyone...we are still planning on sailing on the Sky on March 14......but I must admit I am a little anxious about all this talk of corona virus...anyone else feeling this way? I am sure Princess would not allow boarding if there was any hint of a problem...but all this talk on TV and radio has me nervous...wish the media would cut it down a bit.....
  3. Thank you everyone...Solarium Bistro sounds like something my husband and I would enjou
  4. Hello..hoping someone can answer this. On Oasis...is the Solarium Bistrol open for DINNER and what it the charge....? When I look it up it shows open 9 - 4 pm , but also shows two separate menus...? one for lunch buffet? one for dinner? no prices on menu? Please help me straighten this out in my mind. Thank you in Advance.
  5. Thank you for that reply....hoping to hear from more of you who have recently sailed...
  6. Hi everyone...haven't sailed on RC for a few years...trying to remember how the dining packages work If you purchase the 3 dinnner pkg.?..does RC choose the first restaurant and time to dine for you.... If you dont like it...can you change it onboard? Also, RC used to run a special...if you ate at a speciality restaurant on the first night there was a discount....still running that promo...I dont see it anywhere on their website...Thank you all in advance for your help....
  7. Thank you that sounds like a great idea
  8. Some time ago I was vacationing at a resort and they offered a pina colada martini...it was made with coconut something or other... It was actually very good. Do you know if this is something that would be available onboard the Escape...has anyone else ever had the pleasure of tasting this?
  9. Hello everyone. Let me start by saying..I really am not a big drinker...not even wine..but I found this fun wine that is a coconut chardonay and I thought it would be fun to enjoy on my balcony before dinner....Can anyone tell me the rules about bringing wine on board. I understand there is a corkage fee....this doesn't make a lot of sense to me since my bottle only cost $7.50, and least corkage fee is $15. Is there always a fee...even if the wine is only used in your cabin? Thank you all in advance for your help.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with Haven Rooms on Deck 14 on the Getaway.. rooms are under the fitness center. Will we experience noise from people on treadmill, etc in these rooms...Unfortunately these are the only HAVEN SPA ROOMS LEFT... Thank you in advance....
  11. Thank you everyone...that seems to make sense...I will keep waiting...
  12. No I have not made final payment...My cruise is Feb 2020...Can that be why I cannot turn green...lol
  13. My question is ....I have completed all the steps on my OCEAN READY ap...However the circle around cruise personalizer is still not green all other areas are green . We have completed all the parts of the check in and they are marked complete....what is left that will make this circle turn green and get me to Ocean Ready...Is it closer to sail date when I can download boarding passes and luggage tags? Anyone help with this..thank you in advance..Im stumped.
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