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  1. dogged

    Rome in Limo or Your Tours in Italy

    Used Rome in Limo in Rome and Florence. Haven't heard of the other you mentioned.
  2. dogged

    Rome hotel recommendations...

    Ditto Hotel Canada near Termini. We were there post cruise last summer. Had a HUGE room for three. Great location near transportation.
  3. dogged

    diy rome

    If you are planning on going to the Forum and or Colisseum - get your ticket (one ticket covers both) at the Forum. The lines there are much shorter! Good luck! You will LOVE Rome! PS - There is great gelato in Termini!
  4. My vote is definitely Avignon if you only have one day. It's a wonderful place for walking about on your own...we are not tour people so I agree with Hank and would never pay for someone to lead me around town. The Papal palace is well worth touring on your own in Avignon. People watching is great and as with most European towns/cities - wandering around outdoors is the best way to get a real feel for the culture. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Market Day - even better. Aix is lovely - we were just there a couple weeks ago but in my opinion doesn't beat Avignon if you only have one day. We had already been to St. Remy, Avignon, Arles and Les Baux post-cruise a couple years ago so we opted for Aix this time. We (3 people) took a taxi from the Marseilles cruise port (which is FAR from the Old Port in Marseilles) directly to Aix for 53 Euros. We took the bus back for 7 Euros each to Marseilles, then walked to the Old Port (wouldn't do that again...), then took the ship's shuttle back to the port. The Marseilles train and bus stations are not in a good area...especially at night... which is a shame because the bus and train travel is excellent. We take public transport all the time when we travel and Marseilles put us all on edge :-) As good as the public transport is in Provence - a car is a GREAT way to add to your experience. It is such a beautiful part of France and you could easily go to Avignon and St. Remy. We took as many pictures driving in Provence as we did in the various towns and cities we visited. I personally would not include Marseilles on a must see list...although our time there made us appreciate the other parts of Provence.
  5. dogged

    Hotel stay in Paris

    We stayed at the Best Western Hotel Jardin de Cluny in the 5th in February. Although the room was tiny - the price was good, breakfast was plentiful and tasty (awesome coffee), the staff was very helpful. The location was prime - on a very safe, quiet street; a short walk to the Metro and within a nice walk to Notre Dame and Isle Saint Louis.
  6. dogged

    Best French port of call?

    Just returned from HAL cruise with stop in Marseilles from which we went to Aix-en-Provence. I would NOT recommend Marseilles as a jumping off point for Provence if you can avoid it. The port is FAR from transportation and Marseilles itself is not for the faint of heart...
  7. dogged

    Rouen - Honfleur - DDay Beaches, doable?

    Just back from Normandy - ship docked in Le Havre and we rented a car, drove to Caen, then drove along the coast stopping at Arromanches, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery. Left the ship at 8am and got back at 7pm. We felt as though we just skimmed the surface and are planning on going back for a land-based vacation. Car rental agencies may not be open when the ship docks - so a 7am start may actually end up being more like a 9am start. Our ship didn't sail til 8pm but the car rental closed at 6:30 so that was our limiting factor. Rouen is a lovely non-touristy town - very different than Paris that you could enjoy in one day. The city centre is a warren of tiny winding streets with no vehicular traffic...I personally would not want to drive there. Rouen has very good shopping and lots of great restaurants as well as it's own sights. A side trip to Honfleur MIGHT be possible with Rouen - perhaps by train? Personally I would focus on one area and 'do it right' versus racing all over Normandy and seeing it from the car windows.
  8. dogged

    Disembarkment in dover

    Definitely keep your luggage with you if you need to make a quick departure.
  9. Guernsey notes can be exchanged 1 for 1 at the Bureau Exchange in the Dover port. I just did this on Saturday May 29. Another alternative is using the Guernsey pounds at the CAFFE NERO a Heathrow - they accept all major currencies for purchases.
  10. dogged

    What to do in Corfu?

    Renting a car in Corfu is a great way to get around and very affordable. We rented a small jeep just outside the port gates -- drove to the beaches for a while, then continued on a circle around the island. It was a very easy drive - good roads, good signage. We stopped when the mood hit us to grab an ice cream or to stop at an internet cafe to phone home. You would really miss the essence of the island if you are on a ship's tour.
  11. dogged

    Port advice on tours vs on our own please

    Dubrovnik is probably the easiest port to do on your own in all of Europe. Please consider a DIY in Dubrovnik! The trip into town from Port is all of 15 minutes by city bus for about one dollar. The $8 per person you will spend on a ship's shuttle from the Port into town is not a bargain at all! If you aren't interested in a city bus - then at least consider sharing a taxi from the port. We bussed in and actually strolled back to the ship - it is that close. Once you reach the old town, it is EASILY explored on your own. Dubrovnik is very small and easy to get around. Within the walls it is all foot traffic. There are many wonderful places to discover off the Stradun (we found a local bakery and enjoyed lunch on the steps of an old church). IMO it will be difficult to really appreciate Dubrovnik if you are being shuffled from place to place in a tour group.
  12. dogged

    Exclusive Santorini Tour $345

    $345 for what? Santorini is very easily explored on your own - actually it's the perfect place to be alone...Santorini is a visual experience - you don't need a guide to enjoy the beauty.
  13. dogged

    One day in Santorini / Thira, what to do?

    Would recommend taking the donkeys up and the cable car down. We walked down and it was very slippery...
  14. dogged

    from 4--11pm in Santorini

    Getting a taxi from Fira to Oia is easier if you arrange a RT with the driver. We had trouble finding a taxi on a Sunday in August because we were looking for a one way trip. Ended up taking the bus which was an adventure we still talk about!
  15. dogged

    Piraeus to Athens step by step Please, Thanks

    We were in Athens last August - DIY. The only thing I would differently is take a taxi from Piraeus port to the metro. We are walkers and it was a solid 25 minutes at a brisk pace. We enjoyed the walk but it was very hot...Of all the metro systems we've enjoyed, Athens' was the most challenging (lack of signage) but we managed just fine. We emerged at Symtagma in time for the changing of the guard then walked through the National Gardens (shade!!) towards the Acropolis. After walking to the top of the Acropolis we came down through the Agora and into the Plaka. W We felt we had plenty of time in Athens and made it back to the ship no problem. We always feel like we get a better feel for a city when we travel as the locals do!