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  1. Thank you so much for these links. SailorJack is exactly who came to mind for me!
  2. We were in L108 on the Sky (Caribbean) in February. Did not mind the movement at all - really had no issues most of the week. Until... The last night was rough. It happened overnight, and the chair outside on the balcony kept bumping against the wall. It was so rough, I didn't go outside to stop it. (Afraid if I went overboard, no one would notice for quite some time - LOL - DH is a VERY sound sleeper.) That said, I have the same cabin booked for 2021 & 2022. The cabin is so large, and so nice, that I will overlook any movement that occurs. But I will make try to make
  3. Time to make other plans for February, I guess.
  4. I guess I have more patience than sense. I let Princess handle things, and received our refunds for shore excursions and EZAir on 6/19 for a cruise scheduled to sail 7/8. I hope you all see yours soon too.
  5. Received refund on 6/19 for cancelled shore excursions and EZAir for Alaska cruise scheduled to sail on July 8th. (Did not call Princess at all to inquire about the status - blind faith worked out this time).
  6. I cancelled ours also, and have wondered for two weeks if I should have. Thought it might have been refunded more quickly than waiting for the sail date (July) and then at least 60 more days.
  7. This was in the email we received - I haven’t tried to rebook anything, so I don’t know if it could apply to another destination. Rebook any 2020 or 2021 Alaska cruise or cruisetour by May 31, 2020, and enjoy $150 onboard spending money* for each guest.
  8. Sky Princess Western Caribbean that sailed 2/15/20. Returned home right before all this began. Feel fortunate to have been able to sail.
  9. All three of ours are still showing up. Nearest cruise date is July 2020.
  10. Didn’t get that email, but did get an email confirmation regarding shore excursions for our Alaska cruise in July. Hopefully that’s a good sign.
  11. Ours leaves from Whittier July 8 ending in Vancouver. We’ve got final payment coming up soon too. I really don’t want to cancel, so I guess we’ll just hope for the best and continue on as though the ban will be lifted.
  12. Yes, I realize that and have declared my ignorance.
  13. Of course you are correct. Friday brain here.
  14. Purchase Future Cruise Credits. At least that will be refunded if they aren’t used in two years.
  15. We were there a week and a half ago - here is a photo of the shoreline from Nachi:
  16. We managed to do this tour on our own. Reserved the tour online, and somehow we caught a public bus at the bus station (bus# 3) and it took us directly to the distillery. It wasn't a bad experience for 2.50 p/p, but I think we'd catch a taxi if we did it again. The dark rum was out of this world good.
  17. I also vote for Wet Lizard. We had the coconut shrimp - I don't think I've ever had better. Yum!
  18. I think that lowers your exemption amount, but if you didn’t declare anything the first time, seems to make no difference. i’m not complaining - it was so much easier this time!
  19. Just checked the paperwork again, and yes, there is information to that effect on the back of the disembarkation packet. Evidently I skipped right over it! Thank you!
  20. After every trip outside the US, we have had to complete a Customs Declaration form upon re-entry. I don’t think I have imagined it on previous cruises to the Caribbean, and remember keeping up with receipts for ease of reporting. Today, after disembarking the Sky, we were not asked to complete the form, nor were we asked any questions about what we purchased. We visited Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. Did I miss something?
  21. We are currently on the Sky. Yesterday we stopped in Roatan. Captain Tuvo announced that it was the first time they’d found it on the first try, so yay! He has a wonderful sense of humor.
  22. This is a Club Class mini - I would assume all mini’s are similar.
  23. This is what I have been dealing with. I knew Delta had other flights available, but I didn't think EZAir offered the choice of those flights. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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