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  1. just proving proof … sorry you being wrong offends you so .
  2. what they called the Back To The Fun inauguration sailing was July 4th. !
  3. not only did Carnival not put us on a “no sail list” … Carnival invited our family to cut the ribbon on the Horizon’s first sailing in July .. which we did ! i have sailed Carnival for over 20 years ( hubby almost 40 ) and we have always called it like it is !!! Good or Bad ! so sorry you had that experience . Chase has a Sapphire card that gives you free travel insurance as long as you charge the entire trip on that card. sadly we had to use it several years ago when my father in law passed away … and they paid off in 2 weeks. now it does NOT have medical included , but we have personal health coverage world wide to take care of that
  4. I understand … we had $16,000 ish that Carnival said in a letter they had refunded to our credit card on March 23rd … (We cancelled an expensive June 2020 B2B in mid February 2020, because we saw the writing on the wall and did not want to get delayed with 1,000s of cancellations we saw coming .) so we get this letter dated March 23rd ( a month later ) that our refund had been credited back to our account . Finally we thought …. Wrong ! April 20th … still no credit so we started calling …. First Carnival said it was Chase’s fault ( our credit card company ). so we called Chase. Chase said no credit had been issued on March 23rd . So for 2 more months , we had to go through the Florida Attorney General , BBB etc . And when I tell you Carnival blatantly lied time and time again IN WRITING … lying as easily as breathing for Carnival ! even with a letter we had in hand that said March 23rd … again , this was weeks before all the mass cancellations started…. finally , our Senator happened to be the head of the Senate Committee for the Dept of Transportation and he pushed a button and we got our refund in mid June ! so I can completely understand why you filed the dispute! Chase advised the same thing ! Mainly because Chase was mad Carnival was lying about them ! when you are talking $16,000 and you do not know if Carnival is going to survive ( especially after Carnival repeatedly lying to everyone but a Senator ! )… you do what you have to do to protect your money! Carnival got an F - on this one The one Carnival individual we dealt with is no longer with the company … enough said ! BTW, Our refund from NCL came in 2 weeks!
  5. Carnival excursions were held up as well, but if course the ship would wait. I do not think it lasted past our sailing time because I do not recall leaving late. I believe folks were allowed to wander unless it was a “bubble tour”. We did not go this time. A fellow passenger reported the issue on our Facebook group page . Do you remember how much a taxi is both ways ? and is there an issue of taxis jacking up the rate to return ???
  6. I would be lying if I said this one was as good as the Horizon last month, with no mask restrictions. I definitely felt completely safe on the Horizon because it was the first cruise back. With this being the 2nd cruise and the Mardi Gras already in a code yellow, it has to be in the back of your mind. The mask has not really bothered me as much as I thought it would. I am using the mask in motion 100% and following all the rules. The biggest hinderance on this cruise are kids that I know are not vaccinated ( clearly not 12 years old ) running around with no mask and no supervision. That should not be as much of an issue with school back in session in October. And in 2 1/2 more months , who knows how big an issue Covid will be. Clearly Covid will always be with us in some capacity … but in time hopefully it will be less of an issue.
  7. We are currently on the MG. 90% seem to be using common sense with the mask in motion method indoors … no mask restrictions, that I know of , outdoors.. masks are required in elevators, gift shops or waiting in lines for dinner or talking with crew like at karaoke requesting a song or guest services , walking on Lido indoors or Debarkation / Embarkation in ports … again common sense where ever crowds can not socially distance . sip and cover for Comedy, Piano Bar, Casino , shows where social distancing is limited ….so masks on even when sitting … unless sipping . All other areas while seated is generally no masks as long as there are no crowds …. For example , Central Station during the day in port when no one is around while seated … no mask . At night when there are crowds for the show … sip and cover . I have found that if you just use common sense and common consideration….you will be fine . We just had the Diamond luncheon and wore masks while standing in line .. removed mask once seated to eat . mask in motion and you can not go wrong !! btw we will be back for a B2B Halloween as well .
  8. It is probably because this ship is currently code yellow. Our first Horizon cruise was green and clear and we did not even have to wear masks inside . I felt very safe on the Horizon cruise… not so much on this one . Their protocol is flawed. Even requiring people to test 3 days before sailing will not stop an infection. if they test negative at home and then spend a couple of days in Covid infested Florida or Texas; unvaccinated will still test negative at boarding because it takes 48 - 72 hours to produce enough virus to register on a test . That means they board the ship infected and start to shed halfway through a 7 day cruise . Vaccinated ( with Pfizer or Moderna ) will be less likely to shed ( because the vaccine can stop the replication of the virus to the point of transmit ability-but not 100% ). But 90% of the crew are vaccinated with J&J, which offers less protection from viral replication. It just breaks my heart to think of the crew losing their only means to properly support their families if our safety efforts fail.
  9. I will add that as someone with mild COPD , masks are not my friend . However , we had no masks at all on the first Horizon sailing . And this first MG cruise of a B2B with the mask restrictions really has not been bad. I will be bringing a KN-95 for our Sept B2B on the Vista and the Oct B2B back here on the MG since I find them easier to breathe in than the surgical masks.
  10. We do not sail until 6pm and just walked through the casino with everything running. I am not a gambler but was surprised to see it open while in port. Is this something new ??
  11. The past 2 nights it has definitely been sip and cover in the piano bar. Everyone was complying except for 2 less than intelligent ( entitled ) Americans even though Patrick kept reminding them . Tonight Patrick is off. Tomorrow they are adding a 25% reduction in capacity . Patrick did stress that they can and will shut the piano bar down IF people refuse to comply . However simply having security escort idiots that failed first grade out of the bar instead of ruining it for all of us is a better solution.
  12. Just a heads up…. Carnival has added another layer of notification to their email system. It alerts the Maitre d etc that the email is from an EXTERNAL source , so it can go straight to their junk file if that is how they elect to handle their non-corporate communications .
  13. Currently on the Mardi Gras…. There are masks required in the elevators, waiting to be seated at dinner and in “sip and cover” areas like the casino, piano bar, comedy club etc. The attached sign is in front of “sip and cover” areas which means the mask remains on 100% ( even while seated ) unless you are literally sipping your drink . remove mask .. sip .. put mask back on Security was at the door …. sorry the picture is upside down Mardi Gras is under code yellow which is why this was added
  14. Hubby used his CPAP last month on the Horizon and we are currently on the Mardi Gras B2B with no issues. we always carry his unit on.
  15. We are currently on the Mardi Gras. Cruisers who took the $3 shuttle ( one way ) are reporting the taxis blocked in the shuttles at the beach for 2 hours to get the business of cruisers heading back to the ship. Kids were crying . Adults were screaming . Just be aware the taxi drivers here can be ruthless!
  16. Thank you ! That does seem to indicate that it is only Carnival Corporation.
  17. Has anyone heard if all the cruise lines are being investigated or just Carnival Corporation? I wonder how this will fit into their plans to ease back into service. i tried to just post a direct link, but for some reason it will not post??? Sorry, you will have to type it in.
  18. Considering the last paragraph of CCL’s latest Corporate filing on Page 24... That Escapefrom Connecticut “ was kind enough to direct me too... “We currently estimate the substantial majority of our fleet will be in prolonged ship layup.“ Time to face reality.
  19. excellent information May I please ask for some guidance . The CCL filing is 113 pages of tiny print my old eyes can not see. Can you please direct me to the section you quoted ? I totally believe you but I have cruise friends that demand documentation. Thanks
  20. Thanks for the link . I was getting confused between this one and the first one !
  21. We cancelled a Back to Back in February. This was the Legend trip to Europe and we saw the writing on the wall. We always book Past Guest so we can cancel without a penalty before the final payment date. We were told 10-14 days . ( because it was before all the chaos ) They refunded the cheaper ( 2nd Cruise ) but not the first one one ( over $6,000). Both were cancelled the same day . So weeks later ... my Travel Agent filed an inquiry when the first refund did not come. Finally we got a letter from the Carnival Refund Dept. saying the $6,000+ had been credited on my Chase card on March 26th. Well, we are still waiting .....
  22. Question: Was this issued March 15th? Thanks
  23. We usually book a minimum of 7 days.... but we are taking our son to the Monster Truck Finals in Orlando... so only a 5 day would fit. May 4th on the Ecstacy. Sadly I do not see either happening now that Talladega has been cancelled . 😪
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