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  1. I was very excited to see your comment. I took a screenshot and sent it to Carmen as I'm very close friends with her. She wanted me to pass the message on to you, to let you know you have literally made her day as you gave her the world's biggest smile. She truly misses her job onboard and all of her passengers. She wanted me to pass on the very big thank you, for your kind words.
  2. After speaking and talking to some friends and people I know who work on the Sky. She will be anchored about 15miles in the middle of the water from PE. They will later this week take a trip over to the Princess Cays, and give the crew a beach day. Then she'll be back in PE to pick up some food supplies i think. They are trying to sort out all of the crew flights back home. Keep in mind Princess has 15 ships worth of crew to get back home, with sorting out everyone's flights. So it's great they can use to ships as continued room and board until then.more importantly they have all earned the lo
  3. I'm on that ssiling. I think you meant 1,200. A friend of mine working onboard said the next upcoming sailing this weekend is currently quoted at 2,200 guests that will be coming onboard.
  4. No answer to the question, expect to sit patiently, keep ears open, and most importantly positive thoughts and mindset..
  5. Yes I just read this somewhere. people are also worried about their Regal Cruise that's also supposed to leave on Sunday due to lack of portside help. as mentioned above it was in our sun sentinel as I live here in Fort Lauderdale about three or four workers who contracted the virus. Last week they had to bring in help from other terminals in companies outside of metro to assist with the disembarkation in parking process last weekend. Praying this gets resolved as I leave in two weeks. Hopefully some light will be shed upon princess very soon.
  6. What extra precautions are they going, minus the asking pax to washing their hands and using purell? Are they serving food now to pax? To me that would make most sense.
  7. Wow I'm impressed by great show up in numbers 😊. I join in 2 weeks. Thanks for the info
  8. Any update on what the headcount is of passengers onboard? Not sure if you made it over to the captain's circle rep.
  9. I have a friend working the crown right now just finished talking to her. The crew on board that ship has no clue what's going to happen with their TA. They're just playing everything by ear just like the rest of us. I personally think it's best for them just to leave the ships here in the Caribbean for right now. Give all your crew members a month or two off I've paid leave if they're still on contract. Hopefully then things will calm down. Should be interesting in the next week or two. I still think princess is doing a fantastic job with everything that's been thrown at them. And they've han
  10. A crew member friend of mine currently onboard just notified me maybe 10 minutes ago.
  11. I just spoke to a crew member friend and someone who's currently on their working. It's just a simple water to come back with a no-sale order due to the fact that they also have two crew members or so who were transferred from the Grand and they just want to test them to double-check. on a brighter note I've also spoken friends on other ships Royal princess and Regal Princess are both clear with those crewmembers test coming back negative.
  12. The Vanilla Sky is delicious, and goes down WAY too easy. 😊
  13. I'm a fan of the Di Margo salad at Alfred's. I usually go a few times a week just for a light lunch eating that. And the hot apple Torte for desert. Yum yum.
  14. the three times that I've been on board my favorite hideout spot is take 5 during the day as it's usually empty and I usually just sitting there and read. It's a very beautiful atmosphere in there, with lots of cozy couches.
  15. Make sure whenever the MDR offers beef tenderloin on their menu for dinner, to get it. O have to say the Carver's beef tenderloin or really of it, was beyond phenomenal each time.
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