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  1. That's. Great question. Well I do remember that they put cute little itty bitty stockings with chocolates and a candy cane in your during turndown service on Christmas Eve. As for the dinners, Christmas Day is the dinner they do as the formal holiday dinner.
  2. Congrats!!!!!! Free upgrades are the best!!! On my upcoming Thanksgiving regal cruise I gave booked an inside. 1 week later the balcony cabin came out much cheaper than the inside. Same deck. Same midship location. Totally took the cabin upgrade change. I call that me being my own upgrade fairy! Good thing I always check the promotions and pricing.
  3. Bring the kilt! I always enjoy formal night, and especially enjoy those in kilts as you see that pride in ones heritage.
  4. I don't believe they can do that, as the keys are soley made based off how the rooms are booked. Only way to find out is by visiting the purser's desk.
  5. We had two in the top running that it was super close on. The other was just a fill-in in my opinion just to take up a spot. Fantastic performances all around. Just like you said loads of fun. I saw mine on Regal.
  6. Awe. Also just the simple act of kindness and talking to the crew, asking about them about their families makes them feel so appreciative as they are far from home
  7. Hmm. Great question. They usually do it in February or March. As I was on board for one of them. It was great fun being able to see some good quality acts and being able to vote. And the excitement of watching The winner being announced with the check. However I don't think they even did it this year. And there's no mentioning of it. It would be a shame if they have discontinued it.
  8. Guess I worded it wrong. you are 100% correct they do count towards today. However the OP was asking if they also counted by just the # of cruises taken. Was just clarifying that they indeed do.
  9. I don't drink soda, so the freestyle machines have no meaning to me. I see no harm in keeping up with the Joneses, if other lines have rolled the machines out. It's all about keeping up with competition, especially if they think it will beneficial for them and their passengers.
  10. It depends. If the b2b is booked as 1 cruise, then you will not become elite till after both legs are done. Now if the b2b cruises are booked as 2 separate cruises, then after the first leg is complete, you are elite on leg #2. It should be automatic switch over, but any issues you encounter contact the captain circle rep while on board. If the medallion status colors bothers you , if you have a B2B as two separate Cruises and you really want the black Medallion you go to the front desk and they will make you a new one.
  11. Correct. They count based off the number of cruises you have taken, not by the days when determine loyalty tiers / status. There are also ways to earn double credits within a sailing. If you travel solo and pay double occupancy you receive 2 credits. If you stay in a suite cabin (not mini,) that's 2 credits per guest.
  12. if it is to separate bookings then you will get the military OBC twice. But if the back-to-back is booked as one Cruise then you only get the OBC once but the amount will be higher.
  13. And we still were never told which ship it was on. Hmmm.
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