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    Lirica, Dec 14th, 2007...rollcall.

    Thanks, Got me pointed in the right direction! So, Justin and I are both interested in going diving during one of the shore excursions, Probably Grand Cayman - it is supposed to be GORGEOUS - anyone ever done this before (we haven't and would need to be certified on the ship or as part of an excursion) or want to get in on it? I'd love input on feasibility or if I'm being overly ambitious... newbie cruiser and all.
  2. RoseCourt

    Does MSC still have the Wine Package?

    I purchased my package of 10 (Reds only) wines w/10 mineral waters for about $175USD for the DEC cruise
  3. RoseCourt

    Lirica, Dec 14th, 2007...rollcall.

    We are two virgin cruisers coming in from San Diego for this one. WE CAN'T WAIT!!! We have both been so busy we keep telling each other "ok, just x more days till we can really relax..." Need some advice: We had planed to stay with family a few days before sailing for the holidays, but an emergency has sprung up making that impossible. Can anyone who has done this before advise us of an inexpensive hotel/motel right by where the Lirica will be leaving on the 21st? We'd rather not have to keep a rental car just to get to the dock on the 3rd day. Thanks!, See you all on the ship!
  4. RoseCourt

    Bring my own Wine/Alcohol onto the Lirica

    Thanks :o I was worried because of the variety of post's on the subject, some referring to x-rays of checked baggage and such, but none of them seemed to relate to MSC or this ship in particular.
  5. First time cruiser here... My boyfriend and I are considering a cruise on the Lirica, however, I was about to rule it out once I found out about their policy prohibiting my from bringing my own wine on board. Anyone have any luck or information about circumventing that rule on this particular ship? So they x-ray the checked bags? Can I just pack it and forget about it or do I need to be nefarious about it if I want to bring anything? $ is tight for us right now and we were only looking at all inclusive vacations, or perhaps the other lines that allow you to bring your own w/ a corking fee. This particular cruise looks nice and we'd like to go if we can get these questions answered. I know there are a lot of "sneak your booze on board" posts, but my question is specific to this cruise line and ship. I can't seem to find anything.:confused: