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  1. You beat us by .5 point. We are in Indochine tonight as have an invitation from Gabor the shore concierge manager but perhaps meet up after trivia tomorrow (winner buys the drinks!)
  2. My husband and I will be there as going to do team trivia, which I expect will end at 5.30. husband has a white polo sweatshirt on
  3. Hi Kentuckysharon Would be lovely to meet up for a drink, what time is best for you?
  4. We are staying at the Shangri La Kowloon, arriving in on the 17th in the afternoon. My husband goes to HKG regularly for business and we were there this time last year so a quick visit this time. Haven't received an alert but the volcano eruption has been on the news so aware that we may have a change of itinerary if it continues. When would you like to meet up on board?
  5. Looking forward to meeting on the Spirit. Are you staying in HKG before the cruise?
  6. My husband is pretty sure the call will go ahead, he’s been juggling timings for a few calls during the trip and thought he had it all sorted but as we are at sea the previous day when they originally wanted to do this call they have suggested the next day. If the other person is still interested go with them. Let me know what they decide. Sorry to have to back out but at the end of the day him working is what enables us to go on these fantastic cruises and because he can be available for calls when we are in ports is why we cruise.
  7. Hi Kentuckysharon Trying to contact you re the private tour in Manila as my husband may well have to do a conference call during this day. Tried to message but cruise critic only allow me 0 messages a day so not very helpful. Is there any one else who’s contacted you via the boards who may want to take our place?
  8. Last year on the Shadow the CD put on a breakfast in the main bar and the Super Bowl was shown on a big TV. It was also advertised in the Chronicle. Not sure if they would do the same for the playoffs but always worth asking.
  9. Interestingly we had a/ c problems on the Whisper in November, spent a lot of time talking to the front desk and Hotel Director. Visits by various engineers did nothing to resolve it. We were told outside Heating and Ventilating engineer were coming on at turnaround in Fort Lauderdale to try to resolve the issue, Looks like it’s beginning to be a problem on the older ships in hot humid areas
  10. Unless there were 2 people with the same circumstances, we had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman the day before boarding in our hotel in Fort Lauderdale. He already knew he couldn't get off in Key West and Silversea and his agent had sorted out him not being charged for the hotel and a chauffeur driven car had been arranged for him to take him back to Key West when we docked. He seemed very happy with the arrangements especially the limo to Key West and even joked about the out of date law with us. Having had the pleasure of sailing with Sandra in the Mediterranean earlier this year it was lovely to meet up with her and hear of her forthcoming wedding plans. Hopefully she will stay with Silversea once married. Having had the disappointment of Cuba taken away the itinerary did its best to compensate and the crew were excellent throughout. The shore concierge team had a particularly hard time, with many different booking models on the ship, with some people having free excursions and some not, they were faced with the problem of people in free excursions simply not turning up if they decided to not go. This resulted in the staff, in an effort not to leave anyone behind, having to try to track passengers down on the ship, only to find they didn’t want to go on the excursion after all. Unfortunately in the BVI we followed the end of a storm into port, which meant a number of excursions were cancelled for safety reasons. This was a wise decision as apparently a car transporter with a local skipper had run aground the previous day due to the conditions. It is a pity that the Guitarist in the main bar, Liam, came in for criticism from some passengers, so much so that he stopped doing his early session. Having spoken to him it would appear that this is his first contract and he was told by his agent he would be able to sing his own music, he is a songwriter as well as performer. Once on board he quickly realised that this was not going to be the case and tried to adapt his set to suit. It is a pity that in a bar full of people enjoying his music a few people complaining is enough for the staff to have to go and ask him to turn the volume down. One disappointment was a number of people sitting at the tables for lunch on the pool grill in only their swim wear, no cover up or t shirt. I for one do not really want to go and sit on a chair covered in some one else sun tan and sweat and would be happy if Silversea were to include a sentence to this effect in the dress code.
  11. Sandra is the CD until the start of the World Cruise
  12. Has anybody any experience with the cabins with interconnecting doors on the Silver Spirit. Looking at trying out one with the rain shower for a forthcoming cruise bit only interconnecting ones left.
  13. Agree with Observer, the steps make the pool accessible to all passengers and also those who may not be confident in using the vertical steps in a swell like we have today. Given the demographic on the Whisper at the moment they are certainly a good idea. I personally like the statue, but understand that others may not, but surely that’s what art is all about, certainly makes people on here comment. Not sure it takes up any more room than the large double loungers used to do.
  14. Hi Kentuckysharon, Yes. Definitely interested in joining you on a private tour in Manila. Just at the airport en route to Florida to join the Silver Whisper for a Caribbean cruise to get some sun. (Was supposed to be Cuba but as we know cannot go there from the USA anymore). Will have thanksgiving on the boat which will be interesting. Happy Holidays and see you in January.
  15. There is a thread regarding Ho Chi Mihn port already on the SS board, this is the heading and date you need to look for port in Ho Chi Minh By TGBoss, September 11 in Silversea Cruises
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