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  1. Ahhhh yes ! The BBC ! I knew I ordered something else with Baileys in it on the classic package !! No extra charge.
  2. Was on the Solstice a few weeks ago. Had the classic package. Had read that Baileys was not included but I did order mudslides ,which I saw them add Baileys and I was not charged extra. Also someone ordered something called a Bushwacker, which one bartender said it would cost extra for Baileys. They said they had never been charged before and said they cruise a lot. 😉 So the other bartender made it for them at no extra charge. I never tried ordering Baileys with coffee so not sure on that.
  3. We will be patient and let you get some rest and all healed up ! Hoping for good news today !!
  4. Loving your review ! We were on the Solstice last week and we also had those BIG spoons and the tiny ones with the ice cream !!
  5. On Solstice now in a Concierge cabin. We had a paper in our cabin saying to go to deck 3 and show our card and we would be led to the next tender to leave. We were in no hurry and later they quit giving out tickets to anyone and anyone could get on board pretty quick. I am am just happy with my cabin location and getting more points per night. Did not go to the lunch, it started at 12 and not 11:30 as we thought. Opted out of the canapés.
  6. We have one of the slant balconies on Solstice real soon. I am hoping the foot rests are still there. Has anyone ever asked for a chaise lounge for their larger balcony ?
  7. Hi Sandi ! So did you upgrade to the premium package , or the premium plus package ? I have the classic as a perk so I don't think I can upgrade to the premium plus.
  8. I am loving this review ! We sailed to Alaska 3 yrs ago on Norwegian in August. Never saw a whale ! So consider yourself lucky ! We sailed from Vancouver . Enjoy your honeymoon ! We sail on the Solstice in 34 days to Hawaii !
  9. We are cruising on Solstice in 5 weeks so this will be exciting to follow. I can tell already it will be an enjoyable review ! I hope you have a blast !
  10. Going on our first Celebrity cruise next month and have one of those longest balconies ( deck 10 ) so I am excited about that ! Plus being midship is great also.
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