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  1. I too am having the same problem with my “upcoming” cruise in February. Got the urgent email. When I log on to my planner, vaccination attestation is not an item on my “to do” list. I do remember having to do this for my Miracle Alaska sailing a few months ago..why can’t they just keep this vaccination info in our planners? I am traveling this week and may not have email access at all times..should I be worried if I can’t complete this task “within 48 hours” or is this truly a glitch that needs no further action at this time? I honestly do not have 2 hours to wait on hold so I’m hoping someone here might be able to confirm?
  2. I can understand the reasoning behind wanting to enjoy an entire meal in your room (or on the lido)? That’s what room service is for….
  3. I’ve done Chef’s table on inspiration (pre COVID) and Miracle (post Covid). Both were great experiences. One in the ships galley and one in the nightclub with no galley “tour”, but both were excellent and both had different menus. One was slightly less expensive but both were worth the price if you equate “value” with a new experience. I love seeing what the chef can do when not hindered by budgets and constraints of pleasing the masses.
  4. Currently sailing Encore and fortunately have not had any of the problems the OP experienced. Our AC is fine, no large groups of obnoxious people, no elevator jerks, and hopefully I will have no problems getting my double loyalty points 😎. We have eaten at 4 specialty restaurants, the MDR, the Local and the buffet and although food is extremely subjective, I have had few complaints. No cruise is perfect but if you are willing to put up with the protocols and go with the flow of the craziness that is travel currently, then you will hopefully have a great time.
  5. I sailed carnival miracle out of seattle 8/17 and a COVID test was required pre boarding (was within 72 hours at the time which is now 48 hours) for fully vaccinated passengers but perhaps it is different in different embarkation ports? For the Encore this weekend out of seattle, COVID testing will be done at the pier prior to boarding and a secondary test (within 72 hours) is highly recommended.
  6. I check this board continuously and haven’t seen any dailies posted since Bird’s fabulous live report back on August 8. As we all have seen, things change week to week (including entertainment options). The last couple of weeks, most of the posts/reports have been regarding testing and the ports/excursions,, not so much about actual ship activities. I will try FB but I don’t generally find the same sort of detailed info shared there as is often found here.
  7. Even with the breakthrough cases onboard currently, we have decided to sail this Saturday to Alaska. I know that the main theater shows (Kinky boots and choir of men) will more than likely not be available, but does anyone have recent dailies (like within the last 2 sailings) showing what other entertainment is available? Live music, comedians, piano player at the brewhouse, the Beatles cover group, silent disco???? Things like that. As much as I like the casino, my budget won’t allow for it every night 😜. Entertainment has always been NCL’s strong suit, IMO, and I am trying to figure out what we will be doing during the evenings. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you, that’s does set my mind at ease a little. I sailed the Miracle just a few weeks ago with all the protocols and although not ideal, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be….I was just looking forward to a not so stringent cruise. I am pretty disappointed at the lack of entertainment, and now even dining venues? But I assume the lower numbers means it’s easier to naturally social distance, etc. Has the lack of shows, etc impeded on your cruise overall? I understand it’s all in the attitude, but would love to hear your prospective.
  9. Have they changed masking protocols on this sailing because of the few cases found onboard? I am scheduled to board this weekend and would like to know how stringently masking is or isn’t being enforced. thank you.
  10. I am booked this weekend and would like to know for those who were on 8/21, how different were the actual protocols on board? Was masking enforced on all indoor areas? Was there blocked off seats in the buffet, theater or comedy shows? I cruise NCL mostly for the great entertainment and if that is not going to happen AND there are stringent masking protocols I’m not sure what to do.
  11. Kinky Boots hasn’t been listed on the app or online to book for quite a while and COM always was….so, (nothing has really changed). aubreyc1988, have any updates been given as to WHY no entertainment this week? Are there any replacements? Hope you are having a good time btw. 🥂
  12. Thank you to Chengkp75 for getting us back on track and answering actual questions. To piggy back on this, I was just on the carnival Miracle and was charged local tax on drinks while in the embarkation port of Seattle and for an hour or so while heading towards Alaska (didn’t time it) but not in the Alaska ports themselves. I have also sailed Alaska itineraries on NCL and Celebrity and have had the exact same charges.
  13. Huh? We are boarding next week! Entertainment is, IMO, NCLs strong suit…I was excited that all the shows were back. Can anyone confirm why?
  14. I sailed the Miracle Aug 17. I spent most evenings at the Alchemy bar listening to live music and talking to the bartenders and other patrons. I would order my cocktail masked and only remove it once I had my drink. I found most people did the same. There is room to spread out there so a little easier to “breathe freely” than say, the atrium bar. Maybe it was because I travel solo that it was a little easier for me to “socially distance” my party of one, but I did not find the masking taking away from any of my fun. I’ll admit, I thought it was going to be a big deal, but it just wasn’t. The only time it was bothersome was during our longer than expected embarkation and debarkation. They enforced it mostly then and at the comedy club where seating again is pretty close. I didn’t sit at the piano bar but had a table by myself which made me comfortable sipping my drink mostly mask less. There were crew stationed around the ship solely to remind you to mask up but most people followed the rules (or I wasn’t paying attention to those who weren’t). For what it’s worth, I felt entirely safe and had a great time. Hope that helps.
  15. Just another data point here…I was on the miracle a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed an aperol spritz at the serenity bar. Maybe they didn’t stock aperol at every bar, but if an older ship like the miracle can have it, I could see it as a typical drink order on most ships. Not saying you didn’t have a problem, but I didn’t.
  16. I would 100% agree with that…but I have to ask this question…if I am being tested at the pier, why the need for 72 hour advance testing? And if I have tested in advance, why the need for testing at the pier?
  17. Okay, fine. Then let the arm chair experts help a girl out. What is YOUR interpretation of the email. I understand that if I test positive I will not be eligible for a refund for any related quarantine or travel expenses, but what about the actual cruise fare????? I realize they encourage prior testing but is it a necessity for eligibility of a refund? We strongly encourage all guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72-hours prior to their sail date as an added precaution If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are denied embarkation or reboarding, or are quarantined or disembarked during the voyage, due to a positive COVID-19 test or being suspected of having COVID-19, you and they are entitled to a prorated refund, or an optional Future Cruise Credit (“FCC”), for the amount paid to Norwegian in the event of denial at embarkation, or the unused portion of your fare in all other cases.
  18. I appreciate all the testing suggestions, but that’s really not my question,..I can’t be the only one having a hard time deciphering the sail safe email?
  19. Walgreens only allows you to schedule testing if you are currently experiencing symptoms or have been exposed…I have not, nor do I want to lie about it. The closest CVS (with availability on the days I need it) is over an hour away, so no, it’s not particularly easy.. I have no reason to believe I will test positive at embarkation, but I am just trying to get a answer to what should be a simple question I have tried to get an answer to this from my TA who has a “call in” to NCL. When I tried to call, I got a guy who probably started work yesterday and could even begin to answer my question.
  20. I live in Seattle will be sailing Encore on the 11th. I just received the email regarding the “new” 72 hour testing recommendation, but testing is not easily attainable currently in Seattle via the usual suspects (Walgreens, CVS, etc). I have booked my required embarkation testing thru Eurofins and am prepared to test at the pier, but on the off chance myself or my party test positive at the pier will we be eligible for a refund of our cruise fare? I know that quarantine related expenses would only be applicable if we had the additional test but in my case we are driving ourselves to the pier and would just go home locally to quarantine so no additional cost would incur anyway. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the potential refund process and who is eligible? I assume NCL added this additional testing recommendation because of the potential costs of having to quarantine guests and or their related travel expenses but that doesn’t apply in my case so I am only concerned with the actual cruise fare.
  21. I am still under the impression (if I’m reading the sail safe info on the website correctly) that if you test positive at the pier you will be reimbursed for the cruise fare but NOT for any related quarantine costs without the said 72 hour negative test results. If you are going to go through the extra effort of getting the additional test (and if you are flying to the port, then that makes a lot of sense) then getting the appropriate printed out or digital results also makes a lot of sense, right?
  22. So I am fully vaccinated and live locally in Seattle and will be driven/picked up at the pier. If, on the off chance I test positive I don’t see any problem getting myself home, but other than being of course upset about not being able to cruise (and testing positive for COVID of course) does this “new” policy also mean I would not be eligible for a refund of my cruise fare if I don’t also get an additional test prior to sail date? One of the reasons I chose NCL to Alaska was their policy of testing “included” in my fare and done at the pier.
  23. FINALLY…someone asking a truly important question. 😜 Cheers.
  24. THIS👆 If these people had the heads up to know about the testing protocols, then they should have known about the vaccination requirements which were established first.
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