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  1. Thanks to everyone who posted in this topic. Just returned from our cruise and we ended up renting a wheelchair for the Cabo stop. The crew and my family was very helpful getting me and the chair on and off the tender. I was able to see everything I wanted to see. There are several stores/buildings that you can't get into with a scooter or wheelchair.....too many stairs or difficult doorways to enter. And getting off and on the ship was tough because you must be able to walk up and down several steps. But if you have some mobility, it can be done and as I said, the crew is very helpful and pat
  2. Thanks for responding! I usually book cruises that are 6 days or more.....so we have more than one port. Even on the longer cruises I often stay on board if it is a port I have visited several times before or just don't care for. I am not at all bothered by staying on the ship. This is my first time visiting Cabo so I was curious, but I will always opt for safety over anything else. Since I bring my own scooter, I would have to RENT a wheelchair to get off the ship in Cabo if it was allowed. I don't really want to do that if there is a possibility of not even using it. So, I will be looking fo
  3. Nice picture! Thank you for sharing. I am glad you had the opportunity to go ashore. I am back to sitting on the fence about getting off the ship. I know I can't take my scooter, and I would have to rent a wheelchair for the one port. I am trying to decide if it is worth taking the chance of being able to get off in Cabo......I sure don't want to rent a chair and then find out I can't get off anyway. I really appreciate everyone who is taking the time to share THEIR experience. That's why I love Cruise Critic.....everyone is always so helpful!
  4. Thanks for responding. I can walk up or down a few steps if I have to. I use a scooter on the ship and in the ports and never had an issue. I am just concerned about the tender. The 'official' paperwork says you can't take a scooter or wheelchair on a tender. I can understand about the scooter...(I have a Pride GoGo and it does fold down but it is still too clumsy to get in and out of a tender). I can survive without going to Cabo....LOL....but my granddaughter is getting married on the cruise and wanted to plan something in Cabo for all of the family to do together. Its the first time for a
  5. Good morning everyone....I am wondering if anyone has any experience with taking a wheelchair on a tender? We are going on the PRINCESS ROYAL in Sept and our only port is Cabo. I use a scooter but my family thinks I should also rent a wheelchair to be able to get off in Cabo. From what I have read on the Princess info pages, boarding the tender is at the discretion of the Captain....weather, etc. Has anyone ever done it? I got off in Belize with a wheelchair and also on Carnival's and Royal's private islands. This is my first cruise with Princess. My family will get the chair (and me!) off an
  6. Hello, everyone...I am trying to find out if anyone has cruised in a handicap cabin on the Carnival Sunshine. I have one booked for a December cruise and I am bringing my mobility scooter. (It Is smaller kind and I am sure it will fit thru doorway.) My question is because my sister wants to rent a scooter and we are trying to find out if two scooters will fit in the room. I was told there is no 'turn around room" and that is fine....we can drive it in and back it out but I need to know if we can even get the two scooters into the room. As with a lot of things with any cruise line, when you cal
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