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  1. We've had a few Outside Main Deck cabins on the Volendam and they are great. The only thing is not to take a cabin too close to the stern as we found the engines can be a bit noisy. Let's hope the Volendam and Zaandam remain in the fleet for a while yet.
  2. So difficult to pick five cruises because I have enjoyed them all. 1. Whole Mediterranean 2. Alaska 3. Honolulu to Sydney 4. Sydney to NZ and Southern Australia 5. SE Asia
  3. It depends on the ports of call but we did Singapore to Hong Kong as part of a longer itinerary in 2012 and it was one of the best cruises we've done. We stopped in Thailand (2 or 3 stops - can't remember which) but we did go to Bangkok (overnight stay) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Halong Bay (just fabulous) before finally arriving in Hong Kong.
  4. We've never cruised on the larger newer ships but guess I would have to say the Volendam and the Noordam as we've cruised more on them than others. Love the Volendam for its size and traditional feel but also love the Noordam. Our last cruise was on the Maasdam which was fantastic - a lovely little ship, but alas, she's gone. The crew was wonderful as always on both ships.
  5. We did three cruises on the Volendam - one to NZ and two to Asia. Loved the ship and sad too that we may never sail on her again. Our first cruise was on the Zaandam - that was the cruise that got us hooked. Hopefully, one day........
  6. We were on the Volendam in Jeju, South Korea this day four years ago. We did a trans-Pacific from Vancouver to Hong Kong. We visited bonsai gardens and the glass castle (I think it was called).
  7. We did a cruise Sydney to Sydney, up the Queensland coast and to the islands of PNG. We did a zodiac boat excursion while there - just fabulous. I'd hoped we might be able to do another Maasdam cruise and was saddened to know she had been sold as she was such a nice little ship.
  8. These photos bring back lovely memories of our last HAL cruise last November, our first and last cruise on the Maasdam.
  9. Here is Volendam's very colourful Caleido
  10. That's how they are over here in Oz, erewhon! The tops have such big leaves the light doesn't get to the tops (or that's what I think 🙂
  11. Found this on the HAL Fans FB page this morning.
  12. We were not booked on a cruise when Covid hit (almost were!) but we receive plenty of advertising emails.
  13. We had an aft cabin on the Eurodam and one night we heard a dreadful din about 1 am. We realised after a bit crew were moving furniture above us on the pool deck. Next morning we spoke to someone at the Front Office and from thereon we had few problems. Apart from that, I loved the location.
  14. Same here. When I think of cruising this is just what comes to mind. Miss it sooo much.
  15. He was a great Captain - my memories of him are mainly on the Noordam. I will always remember him as the "Wash Your Hands" captain. How right he was.
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