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  1. He was a great Captain - my memories of him are mainly on the Noordam. I will always remember him as the "Wash Your Hands" captain. How right he was.
  2. I have never sailed with Captain Jonathan but have followed his blog for a few years. Happy birthday, you deserve only the best.
  3. We would have been on the Noordam on its last voyage from Sydney to Vancouver as I understand it was to be redeployed to Asia after Sydney. We'd have been somewhere around New Zealand. I am sad because we've done quite a few cruises on this ship and I was looking forward to one more, plus going to Hawaii again and also meeting up with a cruise friend in Vancouver.
  4. I read Captain Jonathan's blog and the latest is that they are heading for Singapore for fuel (and provisions?). After that he wasn't sure where they would be going.
  5. We never had the pleasure of sailing with Captain Mercer but I wish him all the best for his retirement. I have followed his blog for as long as he's done the world cruise and will miss it.
  6. Sad that your travels came to a premature end, Kathie. I have enjoyed following you and trying to answer your trivia questions. Stay safe.
  7. I am wondering why the Amsterdam can't be refuelled in Fremantle and supplies taken on and then sail to somewhere like Johannesburg to again refuel and then on to Fort Lauderdale. OK, I probably don't know how long fuel lasts and of course there would be lots of sea days but surely that could suit most people from North America. So sorry for you all that this cruise has been such a mess up.
  8. Loved your photos of Sydney - even though I live here 🙂. Morris & Sons is a great store for yarns. Enjoy your sail to Townsville. We were there not so long ago for the first time and found it a delightful place. The cruise terminal is lovely with plenty of stalls.
  9. The good thing is that we will have two days here to explore. Oh yes, there is a bridge climb for $110, a bargain, compared to the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, which goes for $600. Wow. I too thought Wow! $600 to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Maybe as a shore excursion but it's just over AU $400 for the most expensive climb if you book yourself.
  10. Going by the Cruise Mapper site, the Westerdam is positioned halfway between the Philippines and Vietnam so they are south of Hong Kong. A cruise with nowhere to go 🙁
  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful video of your Maasdam cruise - lovely ship. We did Sydney to Queensland and islands of PNG and back to Sydney before Christmas and it was a fabulous cruise too. We were on the same cruise as you back in 2012 on the Volendam to Asia and I found myself on your video 🙂
  12. The zodiacs are on the ship - they are kept on the bow of the ship.
  13. We did a round trip on the Maasdam from Sydney up the Queensland coast and islands of PNG prior to Christmas and loved it. We had not been on this ship before and were very pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's an old ship by today's standards but just as comfortable and well maintained as any of the other HAL ships (the newest ship we have been on is the Eurodam). About 1200 passengers I think but it was a good number. Depends on what evening entertainment you are looking for as there isn't a lot but there are plenty of EXC lectures and there is the opportunity for zodiac boat excursions which we loved (we are 70ish). I'd do another cruise on the Maasdam any day.
  14. We recently did a Zodiac boat excursion (we are in our 70s) while we were sailing around the islands of PNG on the Maasdam. I was a bit nervous at first at the thought of boarding it but really, it was no more difficult than boarding a tender. We thought it was great as we were able to look underwater at the many coral formations, using a special cone. It cost US$99.95.
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