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  1. Hi Snowglobe. Thanks very much for this information. Like you, I was able to cancel and rebook at the lower price. My husband can now have some OBC for special drinks!
  2. Hi Snowglobe. No it wasn't; it was one on Queen Charlotte Sound out of Picton. I see that you managed to cancel your excursions and rebook to get the discount. Did you use onboard credit to pay for the shorex? I was worried if I cancelled that I might lose my OBC and also the time slot I booked.
  3. Rallydave. You are quite right. I fell for the advertising ploy. Thanks for pointing it out; I shall definitely keep an eye out in future!
  4. I am on the Papeete to Auckland cruise on 23 January and I have just looked at the shorex prices. One of the excursions I booked back in August is now about £10 cheaper pp but that does not represent a 20% saving. The other excursion I booked is no longer showing so I'm hoping it's fully booked and not cancelled!
  5. Thank you Cinnamon for your blog and review. It has been an eye opener!
  6. Also following along. Very much looking forward to reading your blog. Bon voyage!
  7. Medeba

    Saga Cruises

    This didn't cross my mind. IMHO not everyone is sensible in making decisions, especially when on holiday. I just felt that some people may decide they would give it a try on the basis that Saga is promoting it so it must be ok. There would be an expectation that Saga would sort out any ensuing problems. I'm sure that if this activity is offered as an excursion that Saga would have some sort of disclaimer but I just think that Saga is on to a hiding to nothing promoting this particular activity in its description of the cruise. Just my opinion.
  8. Medeba

    Saga Cruises

    I was browsing Saga cruises online today and I was amused to see that Saga is promoting ice skating as an activity on its "Christmas Sights of Amsterdam' cruise on 16 December 2020. Really?!! I know that many of us would consider ourselves as young at heart (and I know that Saga is trying to attract a younger clientele with its new boutique ships) but I'm not sure that encouraging ice skating is a good idea despite the fact that Saga travel insurance appears to provide cover for this activity. What do others think?
  9. Medeba

    Saga Cruises

    Hi DreamflightPat. We are on the 4 night "Escape to the Continent'. I have signed up on the roll call.
  10. Medeba

    Saga Cruises

    Just wanted to thank all you Saganauts for your postings on this forum. As an experienced cruiser, but a first time Saga cruiser next April, I'm finding the information very useful. The new ships have attracted us to Saga and remind us a lot of the Viking Ocean ships.
  11. I too must add my thanks to all the contributors on this thread. We took our first Azamara cruise last month and the tips posted here were invaluable. We enjoyed the cruise very much and booked another whilst onboard.
  12. Cabin: 7006 Ship: Pursuit Sailed: October 2018 Choose again: No (unless there was a good offer as this cruise was) Noise: Yes Balcony: N/A Comments: Lovely large ocean view room incorporating balcony space inside. BUT noise from anchor chain and bow thrusters really bad.
  13. We had room 7116 on Oceania Sirena (R class ship) for a 35 day cruise around Australia last year. I asked if we could have two sun loungers as the balcony is plenty big enough for them and they were brought very quickly. It was wonderful to have them for such a long cruise. We did have a little soot on a couple of days but otherwise it was fine. We like the aft cabins which give such a good view and deck 7 aft cabins have more privacy than deck 8 which has the terrace above them.
  14. I echo the comments made by combine and Chilimax. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to visit Pursuit and have a good look around including seeing a number of different staterooms. Richard Twynam and his team were excellent hosts. The four course meal in Aqualina was superb. The ship looks great, the ship's crew were welcoming. Saw Captain Carl with his family. All in all, Pursuit is a credit to Azamara. Although we didn't see any sun lounger cushions, we were assured that they would be arriving in time for the maiden voyage! I'm sure everyone on the maiden voyage will have a lovely time and the weather looks set fair for embarkation tomorrow. We can't wait for our cruise on Pursuit in October.
  15. Thanks John for continuing to post the Twitter pics. Everything looks very sleek but I can't help thinking that a bit of colour injection here and there to offset the beige/brown palette might be nice. Just my thoughts so sorry if I've upset anyone!. Still think she looks great, though.
  16. Hello John I too would like to add my thanks for the photos you are posting. My husband does 'tweet' but, unlike you, he forgets to show me the photos so I rely on you totally for the updates! Hilary
  17. Great to see this photo as we are in the mirror image stateroom on the port side in October. Happy to see it’s recommended by Richard Twynam!
  18. I too have received tickets but, like you, my LCV number wasn't asked for.
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