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  1. I read today that the Radiance had moved from the shipyard to the drydock. Sure hope so. Now all they need is workers to work on the cabins and interior.
  2. Sitting here on pins and needles.
  3. We will know more in July or August. I really dislike all these unknown conditions and I can only take a wild guess as to what the powers to be of these cruise lines must be going through. That being said, Carnival has a lot of hoops to jump through prior to sailing. The house investigated committee looking into the Norovirus outbreak in 2018 and then the CORVID 19 this year. Then all the cruisers who were onboard, stranded, infected, lost jobs because they could not get back to work, died, etc. ,that have not gotten their day in court yet, and you know the lawyers can smell the blood in the waters. Oh, lets not forget the CDC and the Coast Guard having to release our ports for cruising.
  4. I have never liked to bet against myself! I prefer to bet on the rabbit or long legged horses.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/may/14/deaths-and-hunger-strikes-point-to-mental-health-crisis-on-stranded-cruise-ships WOW! In this tread there has been a lot of comments about the crews, their contracts, their state of mind, their dedication, their willingness to take another contract, Carnival's being able to get crews to start cruising when needed, etc. , everybody needs to read this article and what these crews are still going through today. This article came out on May 14, 2020, just 8 days ago. I think a lot of the crew members that were involved with having to stay on board may not be anxious to sign on the dotted line again. At least for a while. But the money is right and those 6 or 7 months contracts make for a really great improvement in their living standards back home. So I think crews will not be hard to fill. Now if the Radiance gets refurbished (I understand it is NOW in drydock) without much delay...our November cruise will come to pass. Don
  6. I have a November 21st cruise booked on the Radiance. So many variables...will the Radiance be refurbish in time, will Carnival cruise in 2020, will the CORVID19 come back with a vengeance, will there be restrictions on senior citizens with health issues, will all the upcoming cruiser's legal court cases that will be filed against Carnival make them go into bankruptcy? You all know that the thousands of passengers who sailed during the start of the COVID19 that got sick or had someone die will have their day in court.
  7. How were they able to "gut out" the Victory while on a TA to Spain with passengers on board? That would really reduce the cruise experience for those on board at the time. Unless the cruise was for free? Ha, ha, ha. doubt that! They might have done some minor things to it during the cruise over. They do maintenance all the time during a cruise like paint, lay carpet, etc.. We need to find a cruise review from someone that was on that TA to Spain on the Victory just prior to drydock. If anyone finds one, please post a link here. Thanks. Don
  8. The last thing I read recently was that Spain is still up in the air as to when it may reopen the shipyards.
  9. In order to sail from any U.S. ports they will have to comply and in a timely manner.
  10. We are booked on the 11/21 cruise also. I hope the health restrictions in place just prior to the cruises being shut down are removed by then. Old, diabetic, etc. Don
  11. My game plan, though I may change before November. Go to Guy's Burger, observe the grill cook's procedures and look at the burgers being offered. Real thin burgers are a downside to getting a Medium (pink in the middle) burger unless it is cooked on one side and then put on the bun without putting any heat to the other side. Not good. If they look like a nice size patty with some thickness, it will be a go for trying one. By August we should know the current cruising rules, requirements for cruising or restrictions at that time.
  12. I hope that Carnival DOES NOT complete the Radiance with LESS time than planned. There would be corners cut and then things will turn up later as "we needed to do that or we should not have cut that out of the ship's drydock plans! The ship will never be all that she can be! Does anyone know the link for the web site that keeps track of the difference cruise ship's work progress while in drydock? I have in the past read a reference to it. Thank you Don
  13. There is a web site of a gentleman that monitors the cruise ships in drydock. "Cruisers" reference his information that I have seen in the past. Does anyone know where that information is found? We can't put a "COUNTDOWN" clock on our signature. Maybe Cruisecritic had some a flash into the future and seen there was no need for one? Just kidding!
  14. Saint Greg, I have read on a couple of threads where a cruiser was upgraded to a HC cabin. I don't remember the reason why. Don
  15. It's a process to book one of those cabins. The PVP told me the same thing about having to go through the HC booking department because they could not book a room. So I did and it was a long process of downloading the forms and faxing them back in to them. Plus working with Scootaround for my scooter and electric recliner while onboard. Oh yeah, I tried to book my air fare through Carnival and was told, because I needed more leg room I would have to book a regular economy seat from Carnival. THEN it was up to me to contact the airline and "see" if I could get the seat I needed AND pay any additional charges and seat changing fees. I went through the airline direct. Don
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