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  1. Thanks for the information cruisegirl1.
  2. Thanks for your review, looks like I will be holding off on cruising for a while.
  3. Do you know why dogs have so many friends?, they wag their tails instead of their mounts.
  4. Thanks for the information, was the Diamond Lounge open, if so were there any snacks available?
  5. As for me I'm going wait booking a cruise until things get back to "normal,"
  6. The security people are usually to busy to inspect the labels.
  7. I don't know if it is me or the computer, what keys do I need to use once the cursor is under the red line. Thanks
  8. Need help today with spell check, do not know if it is me or my computer, what two keys do I need to used to get spell check to work. Thanks
  9. Harry, I have two FFC, but going to wait a few more months before I cash then in, stay safe and good luck to your boys. Jim,
  10. Thanks for taking along on your vacation, great pic as usual. Jim,
  11. For those of you that have cruised to AK, are the May sailing a little to early in the season, or should I wait for summer even though the prices are higher.
  12. Doing well and looking forward to start cruising again, living in Myrtle Beach I can catch a direct flight to Ft Lauderdale via Spirit which makes traveling EZ. As form being a night owl, when I had a house in NC I had to wait until after mid night to use the internet and I just got in the habit of sleeping late and starting my day around noon.
  13. You can use you own devise for the 24 hours or use the PC in the Diamond Club.
  14. @harryfat1 Harry nice to see you are posting, good luck on your AK cruise, I have the Odyssey booked for Jan 2022, and the Allure booked for a B-2-B for Fed 2022, only if I don't have to wear a mask.
  15. Do you know if the Diamond Lounge was open?
  16. Great day for me, saw my Oncologist for my exit interview, I'm now 6 months cancer free, Yeah!
  17. To solve the garage parking problem I purchased an 8ft 4x4 and placed it where I wanted wife's car to stop, works great.
  18. But officer, in my defense, I was left unsupervised. Due to Coven my vacation this year is to Puerto Backyarda.
  19. I live in SC, we have road kill Helper.
  20. I live in N Myrtle beach SC, after watching the news I make a gasoline run to get gas for my generator in case the storm moving up the Gulf hits our area.
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