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  1. And you thought your colostomy was fun.
  2. Remember, the purpose of insurance is to cover a loss that you can not afford, therefore if you can afford the loss be a self insurer.
  3. Great beach day here in N Myrtle Beach, temp in the low 80's, water temp of 72, nice breeze, and the tourist have not shown up in large numbers, also the gas shortage is over with the average price of $2.89 a gallon.
  4. One of the side effects of getting old is no reruns on TV and you are always meeting new people.
  5. John, BIG THANKS for your contribution!
  6. Great day for me, my doctor said in about 3 weeks I will be able to get up and about, he was correct, today I was able to go food shopping, take a short walk on the beach and ate lunch at a local restaurant, Yeah!
  7. Received my shot today, had to wait until my treatments were finished, let's go cruising.
  8. This guy is not going to get his 10,000 steps.
  9. About 2 years ago I was on the Allure and booked a dinner in one of the specialty restaurants for what I though was going to be a special night with my girlfriend. Wrong, the tables were so close together you would have though we were at a table for 6, however our tablemates were great and we had a great time, but it was not the intimate dinner I had in mind.
  10. True, our first cruise was on Carnival's Holiday, we had cabin T605, the cabin was at the very front of the ship, we had bunk beds and a port hole, the cabin was so small you had to leave to change your mind.
  11. Started cruising in 1987, on Carnival, I miss the fact everything was new, the food was better and the waiters were not rushed, also you got to know the room guy.
  12. Happy, Happy, finished my cancer treatments today, I'm good to go for the next 5 to 10 years.
  13. At the rate the CDC is moving I believe there will be more sailings out of non US ports.
  14. WOW, I'm old, when I was a kid the bunnies were solid.
  15. That is like the the Clairvoyant that had someone knock on the the door and she said "who is there.?
  16. Nothing is idiot prof when you have a motivated idiot.
  17. On my last cruise I enjoyed the Blaze over flow location area , quite, great staff, and the members are (IMO) more friendly than the folks that stake out their area hours before Happy Hour starts.
  18. In the 60's there was a chain of restaurants called Sambos in VA.
  19. Now that I have my FFC's I'm ready to book a cruise, but I want to be on vacation not treated like a leper.
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