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  1. Today, I received my FCC for my cancelled Oasis cruise that was scheduled to sail 4-11-2021.
  2. Did you know one of the dirtiest things said on TV was, "Ward, you were a little rough on the beaver last night."
  3. I'm currently the program, well worth watching.
  4. After the final payment is made how hard it is to lift and switch to another cruise?
  5. I have three cruises booked and looks like more FCC, BOOOOOOOO!
  6. I live by myself since my wife passed away and my children decided to visit this Christmas, so I spent the day running errands, bank, gas station, liquor store, grocery store, and then on to shop for presents, HO, HO, HO.!!!!
  7. Skip the shampoo bottle because you can never get them clean enough. go with a mouth wash bottle and add some food coloring.
  8. Boring, stayed at home and grilled myself a steak, at 75 I don't want to take to many chances..
  9. Great beach day here in N Myrtle Beach, sunny mid 70's slight breeze and the tourist have left.
  10. My last cruise was on the Vision out of PR, I was doing a b-2-b and was kicked off the ship between cruises because of the shut sown.
  11. This is why donkeys don't go to school, nobody loves a smart a@@.
  12. I remember sailing some 20/30 years ago and looking forward to our annual cruise so I could dine on real prime rib, rack of lamb, cold water lobster, nice thick pork chops, great salads, wonderful appetizers, and bread/deserts made by onboard personnel.
  13. If you like to have a few drinks with dinner and also have a few more drinks in the evening then take some water and drinks down to cabin to call it a night, it is a good deal.
  14. When doing an AK cruise a balcony is a must, just like a Panama Canal cruise, so much to see.
  15. Can not w Can't wait until the fitness center opens.
  16. The highlight of the day was cleaning the fish pond for the up coming winter, the task was E-Z , because the local raccoons had come by and ate all the fish, just need to trim a few plants and add some fresh water.
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