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  1. The highlight of the day was cleaning the fish pond for the up coming winter, the task was E-Z , because the local raccoons had come by and ate all the fish, just need to trim a few plants and add some fresh water.
  2. Today's mistake, I gave my wife some steel wool and asked her to knit me a fender, that did not go well.
  3. An elderly man goes to the doctor and brings his wife because he is hard of hearing, after the exam the doctor has a sit down with his wife. After the doctor leaves the examining room the man asked his wife what was going on, she said, the doctor said you need a blood test, an urine test, and a stool sample, so you need to leave your underwear .
  4. Thanks everyone for the posts, high light of my night.
  5. This is what happens when you sleep on the job.
  6. So much for spending time with a bunch of night owls.
  7. The highlight of my day was going to the dentist to have a cavity filled.
  8. I suggest that you should start drinking the good stuff.
  9. After being quarantine I have gained some weight, however my diet has turned into a slower way to gain weight.
  10. I would love to see Mexico to added, however only when travel is safe, I was in Mazatlan and a fellow cruiser was hit by a stray bullet.
  11. Maybe next time he will considering naming the ship Crisco, fat in the can.
  12. I'm starting to suffer for cancel fatigue, who knows when cursing will start up for real.
  13. Called my bank and had the credit balance moved to my checking account, I was charged a 3% cash advance charge which resulted in another call to Bubba Bank and Trust.
  14. My 2 cents, I have been cursing for 35 years, the stuff that made cruising great has been replace by larger ships, now that the plague has hit my interest in cruising has lessened.
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