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  1. My 2 cents, I have been cursing for 35 years, the stuff that made cruising great has been replace by larger ships, now that the plague has hit my interest in cruising has lessened.
  2. I remember getting an actual prize for winning trivial, don't forget horse racing and bingo that didn't cost a fortune.
  3. The virus has returned here in Myrtle Beach BIG time with the influx of vacationers.
  4. I make my own Iced Tea, that simple syrup stuff is not to my liking.
  5. Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for all the posters, you bring a smile to my face each night.
  6. Happy Birthday, stay safe everyone.
  7. To true to be funny, lived in Frankfurt Germany for three years working at the U.S. Embassy, this attitude was common.
  8. Thanks once again for the trip report replete with great photos. Jim,
  9. Harry: Doing well, was on the Vision out of PR doing a B-2-B-2-B this March and was kicked off after the first week (grim), looking to book a B-2-B on the Oasis this Nov. As for hurricane season, stocked the pantry, fired up the generator, and filled up my gasoline cans. Stay safe also, your your family looks great. Jim,
  10. Also enjoyed your review, thanks for posting, stay well. Jim,
  11. Great stuff, thanks for all the postings.
  12. At my age with things going the way they are I no longer buy green bananas.
  13. Anyone know if one FCC can be use for a b-2-b cruise?
  14. As a random though, life would be a lot simpler if we were born with an expiration date printed on our feet.
  15. FYI, I received my credit card statement today and to my surprise the March 21st cruise that was cancelled has been refunded to the account on 4/29/20. Thanks RCL, but I find it a little odd that I had not received an e-mail as to the refund.
  16. To answer your question, not many, as for myself on formal night I'll wear by dark blue blazer, no tie.
  17. My wife needed the use of a wheelchair last year, many ports were not wheelchair friendly, did not see any scooters.
  18. What do people wear when they work at home on causal Friday?
  19. As for me my next cruise in Nov. will be on the Vision, smaller ship, less passengers and I will be able to avoid the elevators.
  20. Great place to stay by the New River on Los Olas Blvd, wonderful restaurants/night life and shopping, just ask for a room in the tower.
  21. I agree, however the hotel has really raised their prices, there are other hotels that should be considered.
  22. As for Charleston being a port of call, first the port dredging will take years to complete, and second the locals don't like be over run by tourist, and this is from a former resident.
  23. Bad beach day in N Myrtle Beach, hurricane developing off shore, cloudy with light rain, and temps is low 70's.
  24. My community is not opening the pool because the requirement to open are to strict that were issued by the Governor here in SC.
  25. The problem with ship provided transportation is that you will sit on the bus util it is filled up, just take a taxi it is easier and quicker.
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