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  1. We were on the Allure and that is my experience as well.
  2. Here in N Myrtle Beach the beaches, restaurants, and rentals are now open and we are getting inundated with folks from NC where things are still closed.
  3. Glad to see you all are back, thanks for posting, makes my day.
  4. I see that this thread has been relegated to the backwater of cruisecritic, boo.
  5. The one time I drank Tequila I was taking back things that I didn't even steal.
  6. Some good ones tonight, thanks for posting.
  7. Some of these are to true to be funny, thanks for posting everyone.
  8. I'm a 75 year old germ a phoebe, so nothing will change for me, also I did not realize I was anti social until this quarantine has not changed my routine.
  9. On my Sprint flight back from PR, most everyone had wipes and masks, an announcement was made thanking us for cleaning the plane and someone would be around to collect the wipes.
  10. FYI, the reason you need to keep your pool filled or almost filled with water, is that other wise the pool will rise out of the ground and crack.
  11. I was doing a b-2-b-2-b on the Vision, the remaining two weeks were cancelled, just received my cash refund (Yeah). Now I'm looking to book a b-2-b, what do you think would be safest time to book my next time?
  12. I was on the Allure, sitting in the non smoking area, a couple of smokers came over and casino employee told they had to leave, their replay "it is to smokey in the smoking section."
  13. WOW, drinking my gin & tonic in the Diamond Club threw a straw.
  14. Had a great walk on the beach today, sun surf and plenty of sea shells & shark teeth, most folks practicing social distancing, however there was a group of college age girls clustered together like a bunch a baby chickens.
  15. Good day for me, the beach here in N. Myrtle Beach, SC is now open, went for a long walk , it was great to get out.
  16. Bring along a yellow high liner to note those events on the daily Compass that you wish to attend.
  17. Not at this time, I'm waiting until RCL changes their policy.
  18. I can envision that passenger eating in the Windjammer being assigned a designated server, no more self serve.
  19. Good news for those of us in SC, as of Tuesday the beaches and stores are open, however there can only be 5 customers per 1,000 sq feet, bars, and restaurants are still closed.
  20. I'm holding off until RCL changes there policy for us folks over 70.
  21. Copper 10-8, thanks for the update....... Himself: Hope you are doing well.
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