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  1. Thank you. I know about the security scanners, I misunderstood & thought there was another scanner somewhere that folks were just able to hop on the ship to.
  2. Im sorry, but what does this mean? Who gets to just go through the scanners?
  3. We will be boarding the Edge on March 1st! Looking forward to your posts and trip tales!
  4. We took the Crown on our British Isles cruise in Aug/Sept 2019. I was also concerned about the Crown's wear & tear but went with it as the price was much better and the itinerary was exactly what we wanted. Well the Crown was in great shape and we had the best staff we've had in several cruises. The only downside would have been the lack of variety in the main dining room. But it is close if not our favorite cruise to date! I think either ship would be fine, I'd go with what itinerary appealed the most.
  5. Can I person in the cabin get the Select package and the other the Elite?
  6. Yes I also really appreciate all the responses! I am very excited to have an aft cabin for our cruise!
  7. This can only be done before finals payment correct?
  8. Tom O- what deck were you on on the Nieuw Amsterdam?
  9. Thanks so much for the input! The balconies are on deck 4. I realize we won't utilize them like in the Caribbean but we enjoy sitting out there as we sailaway from each port.
  10. This is the first time in all my years on CC that I haven't gotten one response to a question I asked! Guess no one here has ever had an aft facing cabin on the Nieuw Amsterdam....
  11. We are looking to take our first cruise on HAL. Can anyone give me some input as to whether an aft facing balcony in the Mediterranean is a good pick?
  12. You're very welcome. I was questioning what was covered under each package and came across this yesterday.
  13. Good to know thanks. Wish we were on the March 8th cruise too!
  14. So it's possible she will still be there when we board March 1st???
  15. This specifically states Premium Coffees. BEVERAGE-PACKAGE-FLYERS-PCP-SALES-v4.pdf
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