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  1. From the website: All guests will be asked to complete an online health questionnaire 72 hours prior to sailing and undergo enhanced pre-embarkation health screenings, which will include confirmation of their health screening responses, validation of their vaccination documents and any required COVID-19 testing.
  2. If you have done Athens before, no need, but if you haven't - I'd say go with the cruise that does Athens. I can't imagine visiting Greece and not going to Athens. JMO. I'm going from Rome to the Greek Islands but on Celebrity in May. Fingers Crossed.
  3. Yes - please post the full room service menu. Thanks!!
  4. Hope you had a great first day. Can't wait for more insights. Thanks.
  5. Beanie - you're right in my back yard. We'll be in Seaside tomorrow for the Rock the Farm Festival.. Did you go to Atlantis? If so, how was it and how did you get there and back.
  6. Do you have any idea how many people are cruising and how did muster go?
  7. Been on Pride twice and are sailing again next month. Can't wait to here your experience from check in to debarkation. Enjoy!!!!
  8. Intrepid - can you post your experiences on this first Pride sailing. I am sure alot of us that are sailing Pride in the coming weeks would appreciate it. thanks.
  9. You can check out exact cabin sizes and basically get any info you want on https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/category/c/25
  10. We have the edge booked for May 6th for Greece right after the CWC program currently ends. We will have to decide by final payment date whether we are going or not. I do wish they would move that May4th deadline for CWC program for the 48 hours cancellation.
  11. Someone put a you tube on the Carnival thread. There are also a couple of threads on this BinaxNow on the Carnival thread that might answer some questions.
  12. Steelers - We posted at the same time. I'm on the 10/10 Pride Sailing and now have Nassau, Princess Cays and Freeport. I'm at a total loss. I'd take the fully vaxxed adult cruise though with only kids being unvaxxed
  13. Hmmmm - wonder what the cruise lines will do - says no one over 12 if NOT vaxxed. Bahamas Emergency Order.pdf
  14. Correct - there could be exclusions if purchased after final payment.
  15. Correct - only for travelers to Bahamas or Cruises departing FROM Bahamas. I would have bought it if it covered cruises with a Bahamas port visit.
  16. Completely understandable. I have three booked and will most likely cancel two of them. The only reason I may keep the third is no flying involved and I got it dirt cheap. But if things get worse, that may go as well.
  17. Blerk - I guess there was no issue in Cozumel. Weren't they stopping there next?
  18. Just so I understand correctly about CWC and FCC - I have a Feb, 2022 cruise that I booked with FCC. If I decide to cancel that cruise prior to the 48 hour deadline, I will be issued FCC in the full amount for a future cruise, including my original FCC deposit?
  19. I guess that depends on where you live - my area in NJ has "many appointments available". I am sure that is different in many parts of the country.
  20. https://www.walgreens.com/topic/promotion/covid-testing.jsp Scroll down the page and it says - What are my FREE drive-thru COVID-19 testing options?
  21. Wow - I didn't see that post. I saw someone say that's what they were making them do in the comedy show but not at a bar. That's not a vacation to me.
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