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  1. For those that have done the HCMC-Hanoi Mekong cruise with pre and post AMA pkgs, I have a couple of questions. When did you first meet up with the AMA group at the hotel? Night of arrival or next morning? We are thinking of taking a cooking class on arrival day as we arrive the day before. Anyone take a class at Hoa Tuc Restaurant, Saigon Cooking Class????? Re: the City Tour, did they take you to the large market? The 2019 brochure doesn't say but the 2020 one does. Is the Sofitel Saigon Plaza in an area safe to wander around, shop, eat, explore etc? Thanks in advance!
  2. That is great to hear. We love taking cooking classes. We have done them all over the world during our travels. Looking forward to learning something new. Thanks for the info!!!
  3. You sound exactly like us!!! The pkg will def be purchased!
  4. Thanks so much. I appreciate your input. Sorry about the Font.
  5. I don't know if we will bring any wine on board or not, depends if we find a liquor store close to the hotel or port. Looking at the wine list, the glass price of $11.50 for the Chardonnay we would drink can add up to $59 pretty quickly. I could drink 2 glass during lunch and easily 3 during and after dinner. Might be cost effective after all😂
  6. We are wine drinkers with an occasional cocktail now and then but we can have several glasses of wine during the course of a day and evening so the pkg might work for us😃 We are planning one all day excursion, but for the rest of the ports planning to either stay on board or just go walk around for an hour or so. We have been to many of these ports before.
  7. We are doing the Mekong river in August. Can anyone comment on the weather, AMA's excursions especially the overnight on Ha Long Bay and the overall experience of the ship itself. Also, if you did the pre and/or post land tours with AMA. This will be our third AMA cruise, but I know the Dara is a whole different ship than the Sonata and Prima. Thanks in advance.
  8. It worked perfectly, thank you!!!!
  9. AWESOME!!! That is great to know, thanks so much.
  10. Yes, we have had that prob on some of the other cruise ships. On AMAwaterways river ships though, they will wash in cold water and dry on low if you ask! They do a fabulous job!!! Most of our travel clothing is the kind that needs cold wash and low drying. I wonder if you can write that on the laundry order sheet????? Sometimes I can wash things in the sink with travel sheets and hang overnight and they will be dry!
  11. Does anyone have a drink menu with prices that they can share? We are trying to see what kinds of wines cost what and trying to make a decision on which Bev Pkg we want to buy.
  12. Thanks for your answer. Yes it is very reasonable and we travel very light also, but usually only send laundry out maybe 2-3 times in a week cruise. The pay per item might be better for just a 7 nighter. We usually do at least 14 or more night cruises, but this is our first time trying Windstar.
  13. Thanks to you all for the info! Sounds like this cruise will be very similar to all of our river cruises. We actually have a VERY early morning flight home so we will definitely by carrying our own luggage off. We only need 2 carry ons for this trip. I read the dining room dress code, but hubby told me to ask just in case. Not a problem for him. The $16 per day is that ONLY if you use it that day or do you pay for all 7 days even if you don't use it?
  14. We will be doing our first Windstar cruise on the Breeze April 7. We are long time cruisers but unfamiliar with this line. 1. What time can you board? 2. What kind of laundry prices do they have? 3. Do they handle disembark luggage the same as the big ships? Out at night? 4. Can men wear dress Bermuda's with dress sandals to dinner? Thanks for any help!
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