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  1. $59.99 per person per day for the drink package $14.99 per day for Medallion Net for up to 4 devices $15.50 per person per day for gratuities in a mini suite $90.48 plus tax Add in $29 per person for specialty dining and an unknown charge to upgrade the room (depends on the upgrade). So $100 isn't far off.
  2. There's no way anyone would know you are doing this so I don't see why not. Might have to add in a night or 2 in a hotel to make it work but great idea.
  3. We have done #1 twice! Once on our first trip to Alaska in 2008 (we have been back 6 times and are going again). We were scheduled to do it a third time with friends but they didn't get tickets (thought they had clicked the right button) so we gave them ours. Definitely sit on the right side of the train if you are taking it down to Skagway. Best views.
  4. Here we are 2 days later and that particular cruise in on the cancelled list. Mine was to be June 10, 2021, Ruby Princess, and it was cancelled too. (Had June 2020 booked for same cruise).
  5. We had our September 2020 fully paid cruise cancelled. We chose to receive FCC (of 125%) instead of taking the refund. We then rebooked for October 2021. Last week I received a credit to my credit card for the port fees and taxes (for the 2020 canceled cruise). Within a few days I received an email from my TA saying AQSC was demanding payment of our port fees and taxes for the October 2021 cruise as you can't use FCC for those. So... I turned around and charged the port charges. They had over $9,000 of mine but were threatening to cancel my reservation if I didn't pay the $398.
  6. We are booked for a California Coastal in April 2021. I understand that you will only be allowed off the ship on a ship sponsored tour. (yes, I know this may change before then) I was looking at the excursions for San Diego. There is one called "San Diego Zoo On Your Own". How is wandering the zoo "on your own" any different from getting your own transportation to the zoo and wandering around? This would break the "ship bubble" and expose the participants just as much as doing the whole thing on your own. I am not trying to cause trouble but I really don't see the reasoning behind th
  7. That is not necessarily true. On all 3 of the cruise tours we have taken with Princess we have kept our regular suitcases with us. My husband and I each have a 30" wheeled suitcase. They are pretty big. We had no problems taking them with us. On the first tour we took I did pack our formal night clothes into a hanging suitcase and handed that over at the beginning. It was in our cabin when we got on the ship a week later.
  8. We have not been to Italy but have done 3 Princess cruise tours in Alaska and Ireland. Alaska is different as they own their own hotels there. They are all very nice with decent restaurants. The hotels in Ireland were all very nice too. Mostly what I would consider 4 star with good restaurants too. Once you book your cruise tour, go to your booking and look at the itinerary. I remember that the hotels were listed in the detailed itinerary maybe 6 months before you leave. My understanding is that when you book you are given a standard room automatically. Contact Princess (or your TA) to pu
  9. Our FCC comes from a family cruise to Alaska, San Francisco 10 days round trip, June 2020. We had 3 cabins, 7 people. I have rebooked the same cruise for June 2021 and we used all the FCC.
  10. If you bring a copy of this email then you DO have something in writing from AQSC. 😁
  11. We have FCC that we want to use October 2021. Where on the AQSC website can I find their policy for using FCC? I believe it can only be used for cruise fare but I want to see it in writing. I know I have to pay port charges myself but was hoping we could use any extra for excursions. Thanks for the help.
  12. Got an email today from my travel agent. Attached was the email she got from Allianz after she was informed they no longer cover AQSC. I went on the Allianz website. Down the bottom is a link to covered suppliers. It states that the list is complete as of "today" (so any given day). Here is the first few listed under cruise lines - Cruise Lines  Alaskan Dream Cruises  All Discovery Cruising  AMA Waterways  American Cruise Lines  Azamara Cruises  Blount Small Ship Adventures  Carnival Cruise Lines  Note - American Queen Steamboat Company is not there. My TA als
  13. Is anyone else considering cancelling their 2021 trip? This news concerns me. There are 4 of us traveling together. We had originally scheduled for September 2020. We took the 125% FCC (got the email with FCC today). We rebooked for October 2021. I am now very concerned. Allianz is a big travel insurance company. If they feel they can't back AQSC because of lack of financial stability, then should I really leave almost $10,000 with them for a year? Big decision to make. We really want to take this trip but...
  14. Does that mean we can't use Allianz insurance to cover a trip that includes AQSC?
  15. UPDATE - Notified by my travel agent today that AQSC has canceled our September 20, 2020 cruise. They are giving us an extra 25% as compensation. We will rebook for October 10, 2021. Hopefully we can sail by then. Now to deal with the airline. Supposedly we will get credit that can be used for our next trip.
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